Biz 4 Good Show

With Bobby Glen James & Ryan Pilkington

Ep43 Why put so much focus on compassion? Travis Hysell

The #Biz4GoodShow Episode 43: Travis Hysell – Legacy Initiative 11-8-17 The #Biz4GoodShow Episode 42: Travis Hysell from “Why put so much focus on compassion?”#BeGoodDoGood Live! On Facebook & YouTube, Wednesday (this week) Nov 8th at 2pm MST   Travis Hysell is founder and board chair of The Legacy Initiative, a Utah grassroots...

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Ep 42 Thor Ragnorok Roadtrip with Emily Hayes

  The #Biz4GoodShow Episode 42: “Thor Ragnorok Roadtrip with Emily Hayes”       “Welcome to the B4G show!!! With your hosts   Bobby Glen James & Ryan PILKINGTON!”     Emily is appreciating her clients who are buying houses by giving them a free showing of Thor Ragnorok.  Ryan & Bobby are on the road….looking for a parking space.  They’re Here!   A mile away from the...

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Ep41 Do you believe in Magic? In the work place. Brent Reddekopp

#Biz4GoodShow 11-2-17   The #Biz4GoodShow Episode 41: ” Do you believe in Magic?  In the work place.” With our Special In-Studio Guest, Brent Reddekopp: Brent was born to be part of manufacturing companies. He loves them!  There are challenges and accomplishments daily.  Brent is the President of Powerblanket since 2013.  Prior to that he worked for IBM, Digital Equipment Corp (shows...

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Ep40 Your Plan for Success…It won’t work, if you don’t. Founders Roundtable

#Biz4GoodShow – EFL360 Founders Roundtable Edition 10-26-17   “Your Plan for Success…It won’t work, if you don’t.” Got a new backdrop.  Art.  Nice…   Checking in, Sky had already hung up on Bobby.  But, Everything is Perfect.   Ryan & Bobby did a Bars Session yesterday.  It kept Ryan up, and put Bobby to sleep last night.   Wow!  B4G turns 40 today!  Welcome Jay Taylor &...

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Ep39 Getting our Bars done. Road Trip

The #Biz4GoodShow Making a Difference in the World for Good 10-25-17   …with Your Hosts, Bobby Glen James & Ryan PILKINGTON   ON DA ROAD TODAY!   Episode 39:  Live Bars Session   Wednesday here on FB & YTube 2pm MST Live! Tune in to for a Facebook Live Stream event. Sacred Energy Empowerment Center in Salt Lake will be hosting this live event...

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Ep38 Running with the bulls – take it on! Clark Draney

The #Biz4GoodShow Making a Difference in the World for Good 10-19-17 …with Your Hosts, Bobby Glen James & the Ryan PILKINGTON Today in the B4G Studio! Episode 38:   The #Biz4GoodShow featuring Clark Draney, tells us about the good that REVEL is doing in the world… on FB & YTube “Running with the bulls – take it on!” #FastandBeautiful#RunRevel #BeGoodDoGood Ryan...

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