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Ep 42 Thor Ragnorok Roadtrip with Emily Hayes

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Episode 42: “Thor Ragnorok Roadtrip with Emily Hayes”




“Welcome to the B4G show!!! With your hosts


Bobby Glen James & Ryan PILKINGTON!”



Emily is appreciating her clients who are buying houses by giving them a free showing of Thor Ragnorok.  Ryan & Bobby are on the road….looking for a parking space.  They’re Here!


A mile away from the studio.  Ryan talks about carnival food.  Yum.  They’re lost.  Bobby’s going in….


They are in the bullet.  They want to get close to the screen.  Bobby’s first movie at this place.  Ryan’s been there a couple of times.  Free tickets to Thor!  Wow J


Let your clients know that you care about them, and appreciate them as a customer.


Bobby’s plan didn’t quite work out.  Do good in business and make a difference.


They’re getting tickets, and we are getting ready for an interview with Emily.








In line to get popcorn.  Can hear all the noise at the theatre in the background.


A lot of action.  A lot of laughing.  One of Bobby’s favorite super heros now!  Cool.

Now with Emily Hayes for the interview:


Ryan asks Emily how this happened.  Emily tells about being lenders, and finding a better way to help introduce their clients to each other, while giving back to our clients.


The combined viewing party, allowed for them to share the cost.  It’s a win/win.


Bobby says there’s a lot of love going on.  Hugs.  You can tell Emily’s clients love her.


Emily understands when clients are going through stressful times in their lives, now they are seen as a part of the family.


Bobby says you can tell that by seeing how they treat each other.


The movie was awesome!  Emily talks about the Director, and other films he has done.  This super hero show didn’t take itself too serious.  It was fun!  A favorite Marvel Movie.


Dr. Strange is a good one.  Bobby’s wife took notes!  Just had to write that down.


So, what does business for good mean to Emily Hayes?


She says, Integrity.  If we don’t protect our clients and keep their best interest in mind, it would not be the same.  Wanting to give that high level of service. Listen and respond to clients…Make sure they feel cared about.


It needs to be real. That’s powerful.


Thank you for being real, Emily!


Ryan asks her to share more about her business.  Emily describes her real estate company and how much it has grown.  Helping buyers and sellers to get the best price possible.  And, find out what they can do to make sure their house is show ready.


They also want to be resources to people.  Emily has helped with advice to those who have issues and need solutions.  She is intent on building relationships, and can help anyone with their Real Estate needs.


She loves to keep in touch with people.  It’s important to constantly put yourself in front of people, without being annoying.


Commission Breath…you don’t want.  Make sure the client knows you really care about them.


Emily Hayes had a chocolate event that Bobby and his wife went to.  She does great work.  The chocolate party is an annual event.


Emily Hayes Homes


Ryan did the logo…Emily totally appreciated Ryan’s excellent design work, when she really needed the help.



Utah Real Estate Resources






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