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Ep40 Your Plan for Success…It won’t work, if you don’t. Founders Roundtable

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#Biz4GoodShow – EFL360 Founders Roundtable Edition



“Your Plan for Success…It won’t work, if you don’t.”

Got a new backdrop.  Art.  Nice…


Checking in, Sky had already hung up on Bobby.  But, Everything is Perfect.


Ryan & Bobby did a Bars Session yesterday.  It kept Ryan up, and put Bobby to sleep last night.


Wow!  B4G turns 40 today!  Welcome Jay Taylor & Kevin Taylor to join us.


Episode 40: The Biz4GoodShow featuring the EFL360 Founders Roundtable this week. Entrepreneurs, Founders, and Leaders who produce this collaborative learning experience.  Tune in on Facebook & YouTube Live! every Thursday at 2pm.  #LiveStream  #Biz4GoodShow #EFL360 #BeGoodDoGood  #Marketing #SmallBusiness #Entrepreneur







“Welcome to the B4G show!!! With your hosts


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EFL360 Founders Roundtable show.


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What happened in accounting in 1495?  Mazuma knows…Who in our audience knows?



They just derailed Ryan….Where are We?


B4G Segments Today


Biz Hack:


Go do lunch with someone.  Why?


Building Relationships….


Next Biz Munchers?  Those guys are planning a giant turkey for next month’s show J


Good News Story:


Going viral and what it looks like.  A security guard caught merit sharing & told the world.  It just shows there is good being done in the world. 



Quote of the Day:


My Mission:  To be so busy living my life that I have no time for hate, regret, worry, fret, or fear.


Thanks, Jay!


Those things are time robbing, emotion, relationship, etc….robs your life.


Live a life worth podcasting about.  Something worth telling someone about.  If you don’t want to do self-promotion, just love what you are doing.


Love what you do, Do what you love!


Love, food, money, & doing good…is all you need.


8 Wisdoms Moment.  Bobby is the author of The 8 Wisdoms.


Bobby wants to talk about the 4th Wisdom.  Service.  Getting out of yourself, and assisting someone else.  Even if he isn’t excited about it, afterward you get this excitement and feel good about what you have done.  It does something to your mind, and allows you to let go of all the junk!  Making a difference in someone else’s life make a huge difference in your own.


Still not totally sure what the Bars Session yesterday did.  (I felt the ripple all the way over here in Colorado! –Sky)


EFL360 Founders & Leaders Segment:



“Your Plan for Success…It won’t work, if you don’t.”



Sad, but true.  Sometimes your plan just isn’t going to work.  “Some babies might be ugly.”  It is tough to mentor and tell a small business-person their plan might not be possible.


Kevin agrees, but feels like it is important to be honest and talk out these plans for business.  The plan is the way you find out if it’s something worth doing.


Jay says, at EFL360 each week we focus on the business plan, marketing, etc.  We have to take ownership.  And, remember there are no silver bullets.  None of this works if we don’t.


Without implementation, Bobby’s Do, it doesn’t work.  Jay looked at Ryan’s Advocate Tees plan, and stresses how the plan is really all about action.  You can “buy” likes, followers, fans, but in the end it’s The Do.  Move forward & take ownership.


Will this idea work?  The past couple of weeks we have been looking at validation.  It’s important to have that starting point.


Ryan says this discussion is fun.  We dive deep.  ELF360 is about connecting, and helping to create something with your business.  It’s really all about doing the work.


Jay says, yes, and that’s the challenge!  There’s a lot of workshops, resources, classes,etc.  But, in the end we still have to do the work.


How do we reframe what we have heard so much from others?  When do we shut off the feedback meter?



Come up with a strategy, to find out specific answers to what those questions are.



Has a good way to deal with the distractions…  Ask questions.  Validate your plans.


Don’t care if you like my logo, but I want to know if you like the colors you have used.  Always consider the source on feedback you get for your business.


You plan needs a certain vitality.  Which will change as you go.  You have a kernel, germ of an idea….Different than a plan that is developed.  Feedback has to change, as your plan changes.


Less Vital.  Jay says, when you think of your plan for success…do you feel vitality?


Everything is Feedback.  Implies it’s good.  Still getting feedback you don’t need/want anymore.  Now, it’s time to be more clear about your leadership of your own ship.


Ryan keeps creating amazing things!  He created this show…Now he needs to Own It.  Bring in more people to help, and it’s still going.  Remember who the Captain is.  Ryan J


As Captain you have to know when to say no.  Don’t ask a question you don’t already know an answer for.


Having a business plan….traditional or the Canvas Business Model.


Takeaway…No matter the resources we share with each other, none of them work if we don’t do the work.  Action is Everything.


Roll up your sleeves & Get out of the Building!


Thanks Again to Jay & Kevin for being on the show.  Yes, there will be food next month.




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