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Ep9 Marilee Lessley Mompreneur Speaker and Self-Made Life&Health Coach

Posted by on Mar 24, 2017 in Season1 |

Marilee Lessley is a mompreneur motivational speaker and self-made life & health coach that has been evolving herself for the last six years. Prior to being a mompreneur, Marilee was a double & stand-in for various projects for Reese Witherspoon and worked alongside celebrities in the entertainment industry. She also pursued a nursing career and has a passion for helping others. She found that she was most fulfilled as she helped others discover ways to go green, save money, and be healthy through natural and alternative ways. She also specializes in helping people discover their true potential through individual coaching and motivating others to take action on their goals and dreams. She has done over 300 presentations for groups of all size, and has transformed her own life and health and wants other to believe they can do the same, without breaking the bank.