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Ep56 Take the F-word out of fundraising with Brian and Matt

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Episode 56: “Take the F-word out of fundraising with Brian and Matt” #BeGoodDoGood

February 8, 2018



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Welcome to the Biz4GoodShow….Bobby never can remember his name.  What’s up with that?  And….The Ryan Pilkington.  Maybe Ryan should introduce Bobby in the future.


No False Starts.  Ryan wants him to do the intro Again!



Bobby got it right the Second Time!  J


Ryan tell us about our show today!


“Take the F-word out of fundraising with Brian and Matt” These guys developed Fundeazy, an online crowdfunding platform where the organization keeps 100% of the proceeds and NO fees.



Episode 56:


Take the F-word out of fundraising with Brian and Matt  on Facebook:



Brian Bullock told Corporate America to take a hike and started helping charity golf events in the state raise more money.  He is known to “have a guy” for just about anything and is a sucker for a good deal.


Matt is a serial entrepreneur, recovering economist, know-it-all mentor and consultant, addicted to launching expensive software start-ups and one of only 2 known MoJews in at least Utah, maybe the world.


Brian and Matt got together and started Fundeazy after noticing a problem in the fundraising world.  1: Youth groups in particular receive on average 20% of the funds they raise and 2: Youth groups have the option of selling items people don’t want (cookie dough and coupon books) or begging for money on crowdfunding sites with high fees.


We developed Fundeazy, an online crowdfunding platform where the organization keeps 100% of the proceeds and NO fees.



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Guest Interview Segment:





The guests did not make an entrance as usual.  The hosts just could not wait.



MoJew was bringing up the level of class.  A lot of Jew….They say there is usually an ugly and handsome one.  Dispute about who is what.  They got the idea from their wives.  Wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. Realizing fundraising was a huge racket.


Our passion is for youth.  Kids do better when in extra-curricular activities.


No F Word.  It has a z in it FundEazy…cuz that’s where all the fun is! Our mission is to help youth succeed.



Corporate America:  A Banker & Economist.  They did not like having to deal with the politics anymore.  Just wanted to help people out.


Software companies take all your money…he wanted to do something better in the world.


Completely bootstrap.  Never ask for money & that is how they want to do it.  It does not necessarily take money to make money.


No upfront fees or having to pay for anything ahead of time.  Having to raise money to raise money just did not make sense.


So how do we raise money thru FundEazy?


Pick a goal and reason for why you want to raise money. It is like crowd sourcing.  For a set duration of time.  You have a goal.  Goal. Duration. A Reason.


It’s all digital.  Your team picks the products.  You get a campaign manager to help you succeed the whole way!  The products can be customized.


Organization gets free advertising.  The supporters get something they want to remember.  It’s more of a keepsake.  Your Brand.


They did a tour of the website and looked at all the potential schwag.


How does the organization get 100%.


We’ve all seen the cookie doe and car washes.


The coupon books the kids make 20% & the company 80%


Sometimes they split it 50/50.



There is a cost for the products.  The wholesales price is typical.  No other fees.  No credit card processing, etc.


This is a brand new model.  They are disrupters.


The big differentiater:  Most companies say they are fundraisers.  They are using kids to distribute their product as cheap labor to knock on doors.


They are a non-profit.  Professional fundraising consultants.  They genuinely just consult and help youth organizations!


99% are a good fit.  We can tell the 1% where to go.


The kids have to solicit.  You get a platform and they do all the work.  The kids may want to just pay the fees and not do the work.  Lazy Lame kids may not do well in this model.


This makes it easier for them.


After school program they are launching.  Instead it is a donate for schwag to give a gift for someone who can’t afford it.  Neat Idea!


The Empathy Project.  In Utah.


Good Stuff…


A special needs chili routine last year.  Really exciting & fun!



Nationwide.  This is all online, so it can be done anywere.


How are you marketing this?


Fundraising.  The F Word.  Eeek….

The biggest challenge is the name.  Fundraising.  Referrels are 100% …No Brainer.  When they know about us, they are all onboard.  Disrupters for Sure!


The revenue gets paid to campaign managers who are specialists working with youth groups.  Soccer Moms, Coaches, you can make extra money by helping.  Doing what you are already doing.


Anyone can go to to set up a fundraiser.  Once you sign up you will have a custom web page within 24 hours.  Plan a launch party.  They can still go door to door.  They get a calendar that gives step by step in what to do each day.


Kids are all on SnapChat now.



Taking it to The Limit.  One More Time….


Where did that come from?


MoJo over here…he had a question.


Oh Well.  What does Biz4Good mean to you guys?


Putting people before profit.  Thank You!


Putting the kids first is what it’s all about.  #Biz4Good


Mic Drop.  Can’t really add anything more to that.


When you put the people before profits, they want to do more with you.


Early campaigns didn’t make their goals.  But, they still wanted to use them the next year and gave them feedback on improving the process.





Ryan explains while Bobby provides sound FX.


Take it Away, Ryan:


A takeaway for the audience.  What the audience can learn from these guys…


Believe in Karma.  If you are doing good in business it will eventually come back to you.  Being in the trenches, just know your work will pay off.  If it will help the community DON’T GIVE UP!!!!


Winners don’t quit.


We don’t just help youth groups. They support their groups and make sure they remember this experience in a good way.  We are having Fun!  That translates to those involved to make everyone get the most out of the effort than ever.  Can’t get any better than that.



So many people in this world wake up in the morning hating what they do.  Don’t go quit your day job.  Do something on the side you enjoy.


Do a Fundraiser 😉



At the end of the day you gotta be able to say “I Love My Job”.


Partnerships are Fun, too!


Thanks for Being on the #Biz4GoodShow


Connect with them at


Their phone numbers are on the website.  They would love to hear from you!


Even if you are looking for a side-hustle.  No fees ever.  If you are a youth organization and want to start, go to the website and we will get it moving really quick for you.


Look at the Facebook page, and Instagram.  Coming around…& Twitter….Z’s have more Fun!


We’ve done some interesting things! Like the after school program.  And, church programs like it because they can track the money.


Can businesses use it?  Youth in business are using this resource.


Not just sports.  Performing Arts.  Outdoor stuff. Chess Club. Debate.  We work best with teams!


Would love to come back to let #Biz4Good know their progress.



We are going to keep watching you guys.  This is gonna explode!





Ryan.  Thanks Guys for Being Here!


Say it….


















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