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Ep54 What does the ROI of #BeGoodDoGood look like? EFL360 Founders Roundtable

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WELCOME to the Biz4GoodShow, with Bobby Glen James and the Ryan Pilkington (aka Pickle)!


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Episode 54: The Biz4GoodShow featuring the EFL360 Founders Roundtable this week. “What does the ROI of #BeGoodDoGood look like?”

Entrepreneurs, Founders, and Leaders who produce this collaborative learning experience will be on hand to help answer that question!


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Ryan tells about the Biz4GoodShow podcast.  Today we have EFL360 Founders Roundtable in the studio to find out just what the ROI of B4G looks like.  The 4th Thursday of every month we have the Entrepreneurs Founders and Leaders Roundtable.  Bobby is going to do our partnerships….


Bobby likes to move around in the studio.  Especially effective in a podcast.  “What am I doing” – Bobby







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Wisdom is on Kevin’s left….


So, how does an entrepreneur get an ROI from doing good in business.


Jay’s here for the food.  Bobby forgot the M & M’s


Why:  BeGoodDoGood


What is the ROI for that?  What do we get for it?  Why?


Why should I do it?  What does it look like?


Happy employees, Happy customers, what else?


Kevin says there is.  Short Term:  you can make money and be successful.  You can make money not doing good, and even doing bad.


He tells a story about a store with sales reps that were asked to call everyone they know and buy from you right now.  In rolodex days….  As soon as they have burned through the contacts, they bring in another salesperson.


Not Sustainable.


BeBadGetBad & BeDone.  People do make money with this business model.  Only it’s not sustainable …. If you want to sleep at night.


That leaves a really bad and lasting impression.


Short Term you flare….but, potentially crash & burn.



  1. Creates Strong Relationships – relationship-oriented, customers, vendors, employees….

The footprint we leave is bigger than a footprint; it’s a ripple.  Need to create relationships externally and internally.  It looks like TRUST.  It looks like CARE. Compassion.  LOVE, even.


  1. How do we make people feel – wanted, not a dummy, cared for.


Ryan asked, why the change to be good?


Back in the day, merchants had the better than you attitude.  Now that businesses are more transparent, there needs to be more good being done.


We can tell when there is crap out there!  – Bobby


Jay tells story about Laureal cosmetics.  The models hair and head were covered, because of what she wore.  It was about doing good and feeling good, and not judging.


They looked at this woman’s tweets only to find out she was not what she was representing!


Amazingly bad effect on that marketing plan.


One person with a bad attitude can ruin success for everyone.  That would have been a hugely successful campaign.


It only takes one little thing for everything to change for everyone.  4 Agreements:  The power of the WORD.


Doing good with your words.


Why do people poison words?


Making a better ripple effect than haters.


#BeGoodDoGood is #RippleEffect  which can be measured, and seen.


Buy here, pay here….extending second chances in the used car sales.  One of non-judgement and acceptance.


I’ve made mistakes, and still want to go forward.



Kevin tells about when he taught college and so many needing to be allowed a second chance.  It is also important to BeGoodDoGood for your company.  It’s not that you have to give everything away.  It has to flow both directions.  To employ people good business decisions need to be made.  Sustainable choices.  You don’t have to give it all away.  Be intelligent.



Ryan mentions an entrepreneur meeting when someone wasn’t getting anywhere, because he couldn’t say no.


#BeGoodDoGood means more than what it says.  Selfless, but not impoverished.  That does not help people.



It doesn’t have to look a certain way.  You can provide services and products without looking like you are doing good in the world.  As long as what you are doing is consistent with your values.


A business model where they focus on being good and doing good, gives them a better chance of making success.


Keep small and support local is not something that makes you famous, but you are appreciated in your own town.


As long as you know you are doing your best…like 4 Agreements:  Always do your best.

Jay says,


What it means get in touch with what #BeGoodDoGood means to you.  Every company and leader has a different definition, as we have experienced in our own lives.  It doesn’t have to look a certain way, or need to be on a particular bandwagon.  Changing your business model everytime a new need comes up is not always best.



Kevin gives the Tom shoes example.  There are just so many that you can give away.  Do what you can to make an impact and help local economies.


Bobby says it’s a huge thing that should be acknowledged.


So many companies tell you all about how to do everything imaginable.  If you sift through it all, in the end, just build relationships and do good in the world of business.


Bobby yur off the show!   That is what we all want.


The Golden Rule.


Treat others as you would like to be treated.


Pause – reverence.


Can’t keep Bobby down!  When can the guest kick the hosts off the show?  Jay wants to know….


It was the purple shirt.  That’s Crazy Talk.



Jay says we need to invite our listeners to have courage.  If that is what you feel strongly about.  Lean into your passion, core values, and truth.


What Jay Said.


Stand up when it looks like the thing everyone else will not like, but you know it is true and right.  Often, things we don’t know scare us.


Ryan gets the last word.  If you are out there in business or starting business, have a look around at the good things you can do in your practice to do good in the world, in order to be truly successful.


Last words:  Jay, “Follow Your Bliss”.


Thanks Guys for being on the show. Consistenly.


Thank You Ryan, for coming to Bobby and bringing up this is the true, magical, secret to being really successful in life.  Thanks for dreaming this up, Ryan!



& Michelle loves being along for the ride.  Our new Technical Director & Public Relations manager.



Team 8 & Shaunee!


Other shout outs….We Love You.










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The true success in business is doing good.


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