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Ep53 Feeding the Starved Relationship Sheri Vaughan

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WELCOME to the Biz4GoodShow, with Bobby Glen James and the Ryan Pilkington (aka Pickle)!


Welcome!  It’s a new year!  We are going to have a lot more amazing guests in 2018.  Today we’ve got a wonderful guest….



#Biz4GoodShow Episode 53:

Sheri Vaughan “Feeding the Starved Relationship”

Live on Facebook & YouTube – Thursday, January 18, 2018 at 2:30pm MST #BeGoodDoGood



Your Relationship Coach

Sheri Vaughan

Endeavor Mentoring Services’ is headed by Sheri Vaughan. She has been married to her sweetheart for almost 23 years and they have two busy teenagers. Together they have learned how to feed their once starved marriage and now live in creating their happily ever after each day.

Sheri holds a bachelor’s degree in Community Health Education and has been teaching people of all ages to improve their lives for over 20 years. Whether they were young children, teens, or adults she has taught and mentored them to be the best version of themselves. She knows the importance and impact a mentor can have on improving your life and has worked with many mentors and coaches herself.  Over the last several years Sheri has completed several mentoring courses and in 2016 she certified as a coach with Dr. Matt Townsend to facilitate and coach the “Feeding The Starved Marriage” course.

The coaching services offered by Endeavor Mentoring are based upon the concepts covered in Dr. Matt’s Starved Stuff (Available from Dr. MattAmazon, and others). A copy of this book is included with a registration in either the 6 week or 12 week course.

In addition to her passion of assisting couples create the relationships they desire, she enjoys traveling and being in the outdoors — hiking, running, exploring, and otherwise creating adventures. She also loves making beautiful, tasty, and healthy meals for family and friends. Service is an important part of her life and she enjoys volunteering in the community wherever and whenever possible, with a special place in her heart for doing outreach for the homeless community.



Michelle Smith is now our official Tech Director,  video grip,  go to girl….


Where’s your jacket, Bobby?  He’s outa control.  It was the starved relationship comment J


The Luv Bug’s number is 53:  Love Relationships!


Welcome to the podcast.  We sit down with (all those amazing people)

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Ryan wanted to talk about health.  The orange zesty thing with pearls is really healthy.


Ryan is on a quest to get down to 350 pounds…he’s gonna do the 8Wisdoms mountain.  Be careful, Ryan!


Bobby tells about the Widow Maker on that mountain.  It’s not a simple climb.  Powerful Goal.


Take Your Time!


Pickle’s Health at  Follow Ryan’s Progress & Journey






Live in the B4G studio – Guest Interview Segment:


This is the second time Sheri has been on the show.  She brought in the New Year with us at the B4GShow NewYears Party!


Sheri’s story about becoming a relationship coach. She has been at some mentorship trainings, but wanted to know what she needed to teach. 


Sheri’s done a ton of good works.  This is taking it to the next level. At first she worked with women through the health department with their WIC program, helping moms.  Health and Nutrition for mothers and babies.


At a date night with a favorite doctor with Dr. Matt Townsend   who needed mentors and coaches to teach the material.  She instantly knew this is what she was called to do.


When you understand what it takes to make a relationship work.  Not anyone is living in actual marital bliss.  It should be a thing!


We are married, but just enduring.  How do we enjoy the journey. Need to learn how to feed a relationship.  It takes work.  It’s not just a magical thing.


A very few people have mastered that.  Not just a cartoon?


99.9% of the population have to work at it.


Divorce statistics.  Huge!


Sheri says, “It always starts with YOU”.


Bobby says, “unless your partner really sucks”.


So many marriages could be saved by just taking responsibility.  Such small things cause divorces.


Like the missing door…. 


It’s usually more than just the door.


You’re not filling a need.  That is the key.


Learn to feed your relationship and all those needs get met.


A lot of it is communication.


Learning to do this helps with other relationships.


Character:  looking at core values and whether you are living them.


Saying something we should not have said.  No bringing it back.  Hearing it again 17 years later.  Haha!



Ryan says it seems like females have better memories than males when it comes to this. 


We start in the head, then go to the heart.


How are you going to connect with that partner?


How can we serve?


Your marriage could be dying like your body. If you don’t feed it…well.


Sometimes you just need a snack.  A meal.  Or, a 7 course dinner.


Ryan tells about a photo booth at an event with his wife, Linda.  He wrote a little note on it, and left it for her.  Ryan asked if she enjoyed her snack?  She had not checked her purse.  But, later she read it. 


Full Disclosure:  Bobby & Monique went to Sheri’s class.  We write 3 things they love about each other and put it on their side of the bed.  So cute! 


A couple of weeks went by and MoMo said, “Oh, we’re still doing this!”


So many people give up and don’t care about the other person anymore.


Sheri has the magical ferry dust.


There is no quick fix or magic pill.  If the relationship allows you to learn, you can take that with you into the next relationship.


Most of the time it is women who come in and try to fix things.  They start implementing what is being taught.  The husband begins to see a difference. 


Like 5 new skills, or things you can do.  Practice during the week.  If one person does this, it can still be effective. 


In the household.  Not just with your partner.  The husband might want to join in on the workshops.


Maybe a Relationship Segment on future B4GShows!!!!



Sheri looks at this and wants to focus on any relationship.  We all want connection and love.  We want some kind of connection.  Are you IN?  Are you committed? 


In business, that can be overwhelming.  Sheri wants to reach out to those who are trying to balance everything.   Relationships go to the wayside.  Especially Entrepreneurs.  Sheri wants to reach out to women entrepreneurs who are trying to do everything.



What does Biz4Good mean to Sheri?


It means businesses that are out there doing good.  Many of them are doing amazing things!  There are foundations, where the company serves the community.  For Sheri, B4G is being in business is to help others. She wants others to have good relationships.


They talk about longevity.  It would be easier to give up.  But, then you stay in character and look at the commitments again.  Not knowing how to fix the marriage.  Now after having the education to handle the problems that might come up.


A Daily Serving of Love:


Pyramid of Love – 3 servings a day

Ritual might be to kiss partner goodbye.  Send a text during the day. Cuddle at night.


Make sure you have those little things.  You are not connecting if these things are not happening. 


Not feeling it.


You might love your partner, but you don’t like them today.  You might not want to give them a kiss.


Bobby wants to know if it’s okay to do it, then to not do it.  Character does it, even if they don’t feel like it.



Sometimes they need to go and be alone.


She only kicked Bobby in the shin once…early on in their marriage.  MoMo is not allowed to listen to this show.  But, both of her best friends are in the studio today!  Hahaha!!!!



The next thing might be a weekly thing.  Your pinnacle at the top might be an anniversary, or a trip you always wanted to take.  (like Hawaii, right Bobby?)



Ryan tells about their trip to anywhere, and how they ended up in San Francisco.


Thank You Sheri for being on the Show!


Think about doing a segment, or a podcast on relationships! 


Where can we find you?


She came up with the name Endeavor, because taking on a marriage is a big journey, or


And on Facebook  EndeavorMentoring














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The true success in business is doing good.


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Another Great Show!

The End