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Ep52 Purpose Driven Living a Life of Meaning & Intention James Alan Thompson

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WELCOME to the Biz4GoodShow, with Bobby Glen James and the Ryan Pilkington (aka Pickle)!



#Biz4GoodShow Episode 52:  James Alan Thompson

“Purpose Driven:  Living a Life of Meaning & Intention”

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Episode 52  …  James Alan Thompson will be talking about his podcast, book and more!


Who is James Alan Thompson?


James Alan Thompson

Purpose Driven: Living a Life of Meaning & Intention


From a young age, James knew what his purpose in life was: To inspire in others the desire to live life to the fullest by achieving their dreams and highest potential.


Over the last ten years, his background has included working in sales, personal development coaching, and on political campaigns across the country. In 2014, he worked for FranklinCovey in their Event Marketing Department and has since worked with various business consulting groups and youth development centers.


Today he is venturing into the world of social entrepreneurship, speaking, podcasting, and book publishing—with his first book, Why Wait?! Developing the Courage to Start Your Entrepreneurial Journey, Pursue Your Dreams, & Live the Life You Desire to be released at the end of 2018.


His passions include spending quality time with friends and family, developing new relationships and serving the community, traveling to new cities, learning how to cook healthy foods, trying new restaurants, and reading biographies of leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world.


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Live in the B4G studio – Guest Interview Segment:


James shares background and aspirations.  Grew up in Detroit.  Growing up he always had this dream of being a speaker, having an uncle who worked for Steven Covey….and, just came out with a book.  James wanted to be like him, and asked what he should do.  His uncle said do cold calling sales.  He dropped out of high school, did the sales job, and was successful.  It taught him how to get out of his comfort zone, helping with people skills and so much more.


Did a 2 year mission in Washington DC….awesome place.  Those 2 years taught James to serve people and that his true passion is teaching!  He has been working with youth and some political campaigns locally.  Like, Mitt Romney.  Since he has worked with other Congressional Representatives.


Bobby wants to know:


What does he think about politics?


Is there any good being done in politics?


James thinks there is and mentions some representatives he looked up to.  He likes their positive approach.  What this show does is to show how we change culture, by doing business for good.


Bobby says it resonates with so many.  But, you don’t hear a lot about doing good in business being the key to being able to do more and better.  Doing good is a good idea.


James completely agrees.


Ryan says he is skeptical when dealing with political interests, and agendas that are not what they are actually standing for.  There are so many getting caught doing risky things, it would be better if there was more authenticity in politics.


We’ve never gotten political on the show.  Bobby points out that the show tries to focus on the good and not get into political persuasions.


Now.  Back to James.  He also worked for Franklin Covey in 2014 and was able to connect with awesome people in the company and some of the products they offer.



Young people are starting businesses to find solutions to the problems in our world.  We are working more toward consciousness and good in the world. 


Ryan & Bobby are Speechless.  What a great concept!



It’s their show, so Bobby points out how they can do anything they want.  There was a reason for the pause.


They asked James to repeat what he just said, so they can really hear and understand what


People today are becoming more aware of their environment, rather than themselves.  He goes over the different eras of humanity, and where we are today is that people are working more from the heart. 


Bobby says with all the media and information that is out there you have to be able to focus.


James shares Charity Water, an organization started to help solve the problem of water purity.  His non-profit allows from him to take donations and use them for the specific reason they are intended.


Because of so much noise, people have to be basic and simple and original.  Bobby gives an example of that.


James tells about how Thomas S. Monson taught him about focusing on the one.  We thank you President.


Bobby tells the Starfish Story!  That one starfish matters.

We create a ripple by assisting others.  So True.


Living with passion and focusing on the one, pushes things forward. Ryan says when we focus on the worldly things, we get out of control.  The story of the water was a wonderful example.


James says there is always a choice.



The future for James is to educate, inspire and empower.  To build companies around that purpose.  Meaningful companies that don’t waste time on social media, but provide value. His book addresses developing courage.


The key is just starting somewhere. James is staring a podcast that will be looking at people who are just getting started, and are more novice.


It’s called, “Dreamers and Achievers of the World”.


One last question:  What would you say to someone who was about to give up hope on life?


Don’t forget the people in your life that love and support you.  Help is on the way!  Stay focused on the dream, it’s easy to get down on yourself and to get distracted.  The future looks good.  Live your life in a way that serves others and a life of integrity.


Ryan gives an example of a small business owner that is having issues moving ahead.  Me Too!


When you decide to move forward and follow your heart, things will begin to move and you will find peace.


It’s your heart that matters.  And, you are here to do something great.


Ryan watches celebrity shorts of how they overcame.  He gives an example.


Anything else James would like to add?


Surround yourself with people who can align their purpose with yours.  You will have lots of supporters and fans, but success often depends on partners.


For example, James went to the Speakers SpeakUp workshop and now he has connected with Biz4GoodShow and more!


You are going to do amazing things in this world, James Alan Thompson….


James Thompson can be found on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  He has courage and is coming up!



Ryan’s Takeaways:  We want to be authentic, courageous, follow your heart, and focus on the one.


Thanks Michelle for helping out!


And, THE Linda Pilkington for being in our studio audience.   We Love You!



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