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Ep51 28 Hours Under The Rubble – Williamson Sintyl

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#Biz4GoodShow Episode 51:

The #Biz4GoodShow would like for you all to welcome Williamson Sintyl “28 Hours Under The Rubble” to tell about his survival of the earthquake in Haiti.

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Today we have WILLIAMSON SINTYL.  Williamson tells a little about himself.


He now tells about his journey, and how it’s made him what he is today.


It’s a sad story, but shows some important information for everyone.


Williamson tells his story of being picked up from school by his mother.  He was taken to one of the orphanages his family operated, when the earthquake happened.  They were under rubble.  Williamson helped the other children.  At first they were screaming to be heard.  He heard a small voice tell him to stop screaming, because they would use all of their energy and strength to get through.  They spent the whole night together and the next morning the other boy asked questions about how they would survive.


Williamson heard that small voice again tell him they were going to make it.  He felt sure.  So many other children had already passed away.  He and that other boy were surviving.  He remembered being so tired and hungry.  When he could hear people looking for them, they would not hear him crying out.  He at that point for the first time said a prayer.  He promised that if he was saved he would serve Him the rest of his life.  He was feeling a body on top of him.  A person who had passed.  He heard those looking for him.  This time they heard him cry out.  No tractor or tools to get him out.  By the end of the day they all worked together to get him and the other children out.


All of Williamson’s classmates died that day.  His mother picked him up after school and he didn’t want to go at that time, because they usually stayed at school later.  This was a miracle.  He since has joined the LDS church and has served a mission in Haiti.


Right after his mission, he decided to come to Salt Lake City.  He had goals to go to the Temple, and college.  He was able to come and had friends who helped him.  He began thinking how he could help his country. He saw his parents help other people, and he wanted to do the same.


Williamson’s passion is to help Haiti.  He is hoping his story can help.  To help them believe in themselves.  We all have the power to create our future.  To live the kind of life you want to live.  As he began sharing his story with people here. It’s about what you do for other people.  He now wants to help the people of Haiti.


Project Arise is a mentoring program in Haiti to help them use vision boards to create the future they desire.  Life is Simple, Just be Happy & Positive.


Williamson wants to help others create for themselves, what they are expecting from others.  Empowerment.  They have the power to create!  Teaching them skills to become successful.  Every child and every woman in Haiti can have a better life.


What does business for good mean to you?


I love the word Good. – Williamson


He can feel the vibe.  And, says biz for good is helping others to see the good in themselves, so they can help other people.  He is so grateful.


He just got back from Haiti.  Visiting with his family on the beach, with his wife and baby.  This was first for them to go home and see their family.  A miracle happened, and anyone can help to make good things happen in their lives.  Raising funds to mentor kids in Haiti.


He talks about a book “When Happy Hurts”.  He tells about assisting people, and not helping because it’s more of a partnership that empowers the other person not to be dependent.  Inviting them to do affirmations to help them create and believe in their goals.


People can help by visiting the ARISE website and donate or message to get more info.



This is what Biz4Good is all about ….



William Sintyl bio:


As a survivor from the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, Williamson takes advantage of every moment, experience, and opportunity he is given in life. He moved to the U.S. to study in 2015 but also met the love of his life. He has shared his near death experience in many schools and functions all over Utah and Haiti. His passion is to empower youth all over the world to believe in themselves. Through lots of hard work he now owns his own small business and is also the founder of a non-profit organization that empowers youth in Haïti called ARISE. He continues to take trips back to his home country with his organization. He is a husband and father and lives with his family in Salt Lake City. In all of life’s challenges he searches for a way to remain positive and hopeful.








Ryan wants to thank Williamson for inspiring us and those in Haiti….and says, no matter what the experience, we can find the good.  Also in how effective vision boards are.


Last words from Williamson:


Anyone listening to this show.  Believe in Yourself.


Bobby adds, Never Give Up!













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