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Ep50 A New Beginning New Year Celebration 2018

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The #Biz4GoodShow #BeGoodDoGood

New Year Celebration 2018




The #Biz4GoodShow Podcast Episode 50:  New Year Celebration 2018


Live! on Facebook & YouTube  January 1, 2018


Here We Go…..And,

Cue the sick intro?  (is that what he says?…haha!  love the echo on that)



Welcome to the #Biz4GoodShow!  Season 2 in 2018


Sky’s playing it live on Facebook to make sure we have audio for this episode.



Bobby has fixed all the technology issues in the World.



Bobby does the intro again.  This time introducing Ryan as, “Pickle”.


For those of you who have listened to the show forever.  Ryan used to go by Pickle.  He is merging the outside world calling him Ryan, and his inner world referring to him as Pickle.


And, the “little voice in the box” our Producer is here from Salida, Colorado.


Sky Tomlinson!


Live in the house tonight.


Sky is excited about the promise of working out all the bugs.  That is a highly innovative technology, and there are always going to be bugs to work out in the introductory phases.  That is what she is studying about Education Technology.  We are all learning.


She is excited about the promise of the Biz4Good show and businesses doing good in the world.  In fact, she says her business is going to grow up to be an entrepreneur doing good in the world.  Maybe we’ll learn more in this coming season 2018.


Audience members is working well, so we want to invite folks in the future.


We are on Episode 50.  We are almost a legitimate podcast.  Have to have 100 shows to be “real”.



Sky, what do you think about the coming year?


She says she is excited for all the entrepreneurs who are benefitting greatly from the information shared on the show.  She is “into” the Butterfly Effect (Skylock Social Butterfly) and attests to the fact that the show has helped her business.  And, that is why she says this show helps raise consciousness.  Her goal for next year is to help people, by showing them how to perform successful social media campaigns.  Many don’t know how.  So her dissertation is leaning toward the “new” digital divide, where people need the knowledge and skill in how to use digital technology for their benefit.


Helping people crossing the digital divide, by knowing what buttons to press.


Thanks.  It’s helped Sky to help other people.  That’s what it’s all about.


The good we are able to do in the world.


Ryan cannot believe 2017 is alreay gone.


Bobby says we are going to explode the #Biz4GoodShow in 2018.


New marketing and PR manager.  We are going to be all over the place!


Some ideas for big guests in the coming year….


Celebrities doing good in the world.  Blow it up that the true secret to success is about the good you can do in the world.


Episode 50:  (1 in season 2)


Bobby does our Partners!


Biz4GoodShow Sponsors


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Almost 1 o’clock in the morning.  This isn’t perfect.


Haha!  Sky will stay around for the next interviews.


Ladies and Gentlemen…. Sheri Vaughn.


Her business is Endeavor Mentoring Service.  Welcome to the #Biz4GoodShow!

(Just the name of that made Sky sit up straighter)


Sheri will be on a future episode of the #Biz4GoodShow in 2018.


Off track a bit…



We know your focus is doing good in the world.  Tell us about your company.


She works as a relationship coach.  Her overall goal is to help couples to learn how to have good relationships.  They are currently starved and need to be fed.  Commitment, companionship and character.  They talk about these things.


She felt called to do this.  Has been married for 24 years.  Stresses how it’s not a fairy tale.  It takes work, tools, and knowledge.  She give people those tools.


There is a difference between coaching, than counseling.


Her husband came up with the idea that people go to coaches to get things accomplished.  (like athletics) They talk about doing pushups for love.



What does Biz4Good mean to You?


Sheri says her business in specific helps others to do better than just having a good marriage.  It should be more.  Lasting, enjoyable and fun.  Relationships can be more.


Doing more than saving a marriage.  Saving Generations.  This is how we love one another.


Ryan points out how people give up to easy.


Bobby says, Why?


Ryan thinks maybe they didn’t do their Love Pushups.



Thanks Sheri, for being at our party & on the #Biz4GoodShow!


Ladies and Gentleman:


James Alan Thompson….Bobby did remember James.  (guess why)

Welcome to the Show.  James will be on the show for an interview January 11, 2018.


James is passionate about helping young people become entrepreneurs.  Education is important to him, so he is working on ways to help young entrepreneurs with resources, tools, and community.


Bobby points out how entrepreneur program aren’t common at high schools.  Sky mentions, like Junior Achievement.


Ryan points out that normal businesses are changing, so the new generation needs this kind of mentoring.


Sky asks what kinds of businesses.


James wants to help parents provide and help with skills for their children.  Particularly, inner city, so kids can have success.


What does #Biz4Good mean to James?


He says it’s all about Humanity.  It’s about the individual, and serving their needs.  Not just what they want, but what they need.


Love it.


Ryan says James is developing a podcast.


James tells how he decided to come up with this concept, to start a podcast about people in the community who are doing great things.  Their stories need to be told. So often you hear about people at the pinnacle of their success, and sometimes it’s hard for the ordinary person to relate to that.



Thanks Everybody!  That’s a quick peak at next year.


Bobby says we are going out with a song from one of the bands playing the New Year party.  We all enjoyed music from The 88’s and here is a recorded song from Retrospect.


(listening to the recording, with video of the live audience enjoying the song)











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Thanks Again for a Fantastic first Season in 2017!


Happy New Year