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Ep48 Heart of Doing Good – Grow Your Heart Like the Grinch

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#Biz4GoodShow Episode 48:


Heart of Doing Good – Grow Your Heart Like the Grinch.


Hi this is Ryan Pilkington (like the way he said that)


He’s all alone…but, has a special guest who will join in.


A knocking…and the Mr. Grinch song.  I saw Linda, too!  (heehee)


Love it!!!!  It’s the Grinch.


A warm welcome to the Grinch.


He can hear himself.  Hello all the lovely people!  He is now calming down.  It says don’t tap the table…so what does he do?  Tapping Away.  He’s The Grinch.


High Five. Ryan and the Grinch used to hang out.  8th grade?  Something like that…


Special Guest is the Grinch who stole Christmas.


(but, I gave it back…no one ever remembers that)


Watch the end of the show!  My heart grew big.  I’m a totally reformed jerk.  I like to have fun.


He once was known for stink, stank & stunk.


Loves onions for deodorant…and loves trash in the house.


Trash it up.


Keepin busy.  It’s Christmas.  Me & Santa are good friends now.  We do events and shows, and love to make kids happy.


Kids love the Grinch more than Santa.  He is funner.


Makes like fun to mischeivious….running with scissors.


I belive in having fun & everyone should.


The big question is about Cindy?


She grew up, has a fam, and does good in the world.


A little music.  Not taking calls.  Please stop calling.  Haha.


Grinch Loves it….missing his co-host.  “Bobby’s a jerk”  a little crazy, but he’s alright.


On the beach in Aruba.


In the mountains it’s really cold.  Ocean is Good.



Going into the holiday season.  The Grinch goes out and visits people.  Loving the kids, and the parents.


How does the Grinch have fun?


High Five…not really.  That’s his ‘bit’.  Gotta see it to believe it.  That’s one way to have fun.


I like just being with kids.  If it wasn’t for kids, Christmas would be boring.  He’s only been kicked in the shins a few times.  The kids usually love him.  And, the dogs.


Max did too….They talk.  He barks.  The Grinch talks.


The kids love it.  They are beautiful.



Breakfast with Santa at Garner Village this week before Christmas.  Crazy Fun December….this year instead of a couple of appearances, he’s made about 20.  Big Year.



Santa is a mysterious person.  When he laughs, you just want to eat cake.  Ho Ho Ho!  He’s a magical man.


A little discussion about reindeer.


This show is about businesses doing good in the world.


How do you business for good Mr. Grinch?


He knows what you get when you do bad. When you do bad, you get more bad things.  Cindy opened his eyes, and the second he realized that, his life became better.


He now sees things through those rose colored lenses.  He still love to get mischeivious, but believes now in doing good.  In changing hearts.


Doing good in this world is the most important thing you can do in this life.  #1


Haha…how many?  8…no.  9 or 10. No more fingers.


Don’t wanna see his toes.  The fingers are long & green.



He does his thang…you stole Christmas.  Why didn’t anyone notice he gave it back?


The Grinch is now all about good. The true meaning of Christmas.  It’s about the love, the Christ Child, doing good to and with one another.  That’s how it works.




New podcast:  Sleep with Me


Tells about how to get to sleep.  Grinch says these days all the things you have to do to get people’s attention.  The Who Land…


So,  this guy.    We found that if you want a lot of listeners, you just have to be extremely boring.  30K views on his You Tube channel….he is a bird soaking in a bird bath.


That’s how you fall asleep.  Everybody come sleep with me.  Wait.  He didn’t mean that.  But, that guy got above the noise by being insanely boring.   Really Strange Tho!



The Grinch is Not Boring….misses the high five every time.




Where are we at?  #Biz4Good  oh yeah.


Couldn’t have said it better himself.


Is there anything you want to say to your fans?


Santa put him in charge of the naughty list.  Kinda like dark chocolate.  Total naughty.  Like everyone was.


Hehe…but, maybe switch them naughty, the nice.  He’s just a checker guy.  If you want to hit him up later, he can do something about the list.  Bribe?  Hmmmm……



Trust the Grinch.  It’s a part of Doing Good.  Sometimes you just gotta give people a chance.


Would you like to leave us with a song?


Not the mean one.  About a hug?


He can’t remember it….so can’t sing it.  Trying to remember Twinkle Twinkle Little Star


Instead sings an off version of I love you Christmas.


It’s a pleasure having you on the show, Mr. Grinch.


Just can’t seem to connect with the High Fives.


Keep it Real, Baby!



Grinch gives Ryan a Big Christmas Hug.




#BeGoodDoGood   #BeGoodDoGood





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