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EP47 SpeakUp Professional Speakers Studio Event

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The #Biz4GoodShow #BeGoodDoGood




#Biz4GoodShow Episode 47: SpeakUp Professional Speakers Studio Event


A place for all of us to get together and strengthen our messaging skills. Get that message outside of you.  Learn and understand ways to make an impact when you get on stage.



Welcome! Welcome! To


the #Biz4GoodShow Road Trip Segment.


Hello Ryan!


Bobby Glen James & Ryan Pilkington are at the SpeakersSpeakUp Professional Studio monthly event where they feature speakers.  They have two of them with them.  The winner, and not winner, yet powerful man.


At the #Biz4GoodShow we want to know what #Biz4Good means to you?  So many think business is cut throat, while we think that it’s doing good in the world that makes businesses truly successful.


First off, Kelly, could you tell us a little about yourself & what Biz4Good means to you?


She is a brand new speaker and coach, and the winner!


Biz4Good is Good.  She has started her businesses, because she enjoys making people happy.  With one business she makes little girls happy.  And, her kitchen business helps people be happier.


You can feel the energy of love and happiness from Kelly.  She really loves people.


What do you think, Ryan?


She is Awesome!  I did have a chance to listen, and can relate to what Kelly had to share.


What is the Mermaid business?  Is it a store?


Yes, it’s an online store at:


You gotta check that out.


Thanks for being on the show & sharing your good energy on stage and here on the Internet.


What glitter color does Kelly like the best?  And, why?



Now Luke Watkins, is a speaker, mentor & #gratitudeguru.


Wow!  It’s about gratitude.  & a winner in his own rights.


He gave a powerful presentation, and everyone there was amazing in their story.


What do you think #Biz4Good means?


I think it means having an abundance mentality.  You said earlier how businesses have the scarcity mentality and are cut throat.  It’s not pleasant to work with people like that, in his business to mentor others he is focusing on the positive, and this has been his mission the past year.


Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with us.


Ryan says we are having Luke and Kelly on a future #Biz4GoodShow for a whole segment.


Jumping on another contestant.   Mr. Jerry Lund


It’s okay to be interviewed…he was on the show back in the day and are committed to the #BeGoodDoGood attitude.  So, what does #Biz4Good mean to you?


Biz4Good means giving back.  Making it a point to give back in all that he does.  Even taking a risk to give back as much as he can.  It pays off.  It’s tough to just make those jumps.  Leaps of Faith!


Ryan?  Yeah….


You can check out Jerry Lund on #Biz4GoodShow Season 1….enjoyed it.


Kristin says it means “to be awesome” and “to give back”.


She loves listening to the show on her 3 mile walks…over and over again.  What a Fan!  She is our Biggest Fan!!!!



One more…Hillary.  A contestant.  A quick interview here.



What does doing good in business mean to you?


Anything in doing good means looking out for others.  My interest is going to be served best by looking out for somebody else’s best interests.  Biz4Good means I choose to find the best in you, bring out the best in you, and we can both be better together!


She is the One.


Such Powerful People.  A hard event to judge.  So glad you didn’t throw up!  Haha….


Thanks, Hillary!


Hi Alan Smith….right?  got it right.  Bobby wants to know what Biz4Good means to Alan.


Everything in our lives is about building relationships.  Take an extra step in business, and personal relationships, all of them… will have success.


Drop the Mic…right there.


You are Awesome!  Thanks Alan.


Shout out to Mr. Cevin Ormand


Been a part of #SpeakerSpeakUp from the very beginning. What does #Biz4Good mean to you?



It isn’t Biz 4 Bad.  This is a good idea.  We ought to do #Biz4Good, instead of Biz4Bad…haha.


It’s like give me a break.  Let’s Do Biz4Good.  If businesses isn’t doing good, what’s the point?  It never lasts thru the decades, it just won’t happen.  If it isn’t helping people, it’s just not going to happen.  Rape and pillage you see and hear about, is not how most of the business is done.  That is propaganda!  It’s not real.  If it was, you’d go to prison.  If it’s not for good, it will never last.


It never did, but what’s happened with info technology and social media, it has expanded the process.  And, excelerated the propaganda.


At the end of the day I have to go home and look in the mirror, and say “Did I help someone today?” If I can’t say yes, then I have to tomorrow!  That’s what it’s really about.


About providing something to someone that they can’t get any other way and creating that win win environment.  Absent of that it’s just not going to happen.


Up with #Biz4Good & Down with #Biz4Bad


Thanks Cevin Ormond, Ladies & Gentlemen…it’s better to do #Biz4Good


Terry adds one last comment, that it is good that we have something good to focus on & enjoy, and keep doing the good work you are doing.


Last Words.


#BeGoodDoGood   #BeGoodDoGood  #BeGoodDoGood














The true success in business is doing good.


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