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Ep46 “LUVTRU in Everything That You Do” Our special guests Levi Ernest, Nathan Anderson, and Kindra Kauer

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#Biz4GoodShow Episode 46: “LUVTRU in Everything That You Do”   Our special guests Levi Ernest, Nathan Anderson, and Kindra Kauer sharing their mission for EVERY TEEN SEEN in 2018.  This is a suicide awareness campaign they are sharing with the world.


Trajectory of Awesomeness!  They are in the studio.


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The true success in business is doing good.


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Interview Segment: 


Guests make a Grand Entrance.

This is a first for the Biz4GoodShowweve never had 3 guests on the show before.


Introductions:  Levi Earnest Soul Samurai is all about the love, the spark, this life is for living.  Lighting it up with waves on light with these peeps who are on a mission.


Levi tells about himself.  Father of four, a husband, coming into his own as a human being.  Bouncing around, and loving life. 


Bobby says there are 2 choices:  It either sucks.  Or, its Great.  You Choose.


Kindra Kauer, is the Goddess of the group.  Former Miss Utah, she teaches mindfulness, mindsets of love and hope. 


Ryan & Bobby are gonna start cryin any minute.


Nathan Anderson, the original love tru ninja


Understanding the worst things that have happened to you, turn out to be the best things that could have happened to lead him to where he is now, to spread the message of love and truth.


Its all been put in place to create this.  Things happening for us, not to us.


Living on purpose.


Bobby add the 8 Wisdom that is Gratitude, and can change your life and world.


Ryans been watching LuvTru work from afar and just could not wait to bring them into the studio.  Ryan wants to know what they believe Biz4Good means?


Your being the change.  Love the fact that you are supporting and actively looking for start ups and things worthy of your support.  Biz4Good is the light, is the change, bringing passion and love, so others can share their stories.


Bobby off track again.wrong guy.


Kindra KNOWS it.  The message is your message.  Finding your purpose in life.  Helping others to find their truth.  There are so many people out there doing good, and shows like this support and focus on that. 


Finding a purpose and living it out.  Being on Purpose.  #Biz4Good


Another confirmation we are on the right path.  Getting out of your own way.  Nathan says, let G steer us, get out of our own way and we can collaborate on things that are much bigger than we ever imagined.  Because we are genuinely and authentically doing good in the world.


Whether an epic success or failure, its what G has in mind for us!


The Energy & Passion are Thick in the Studio Today.


The momentum builds and gets stronger.  We just want to get the word out that good things are being done in the world.  The secret to success.  To having a happy life, in general.


Words are Powerful.  You can tell these guys live their words.


Like the 4 Agreements says, dont think anything personal.  Finally, you become an ultra powerful person.


What are they doing now?


Kindra says their theme is Every Teen Seen in 2018.  One of the most beautiful things is to see these teens come out of their depression stronger.  Affecting others around them.  The teens now even realizing how connected they are.


They are so beautiful and perfect.  Their message is to help these kids know how beautiful they are.  Bobby says, how original they are.  One of a kind.


Your life has so much value, you have no idea what kind of ripple they can make in the world.  Bobby gets a little choked up


We need to be the people we are.  Not clones and zombies.  The beauty each one of us tries to bring out. 


Other kids have felt the same way, and made.  Just push through it and get ot the next level.  Then help someone else.


Bobby & Ryan have had things in their past that connects them to the suicide prevention and solutions for teens. 


Levi brings up statistics that the numbers are epidemic in our culture.  We need to be a beacon to help those who are calling in distress.  Ascension, Rebirthlike the Lotus Flower.  Seeing the change.  Adults are going to start seeing each other, too.  So often we dont see anyone else. 


See People.  Look at them.  Feel them.  A wave of emotion came flooding just now by Bobby.  Everyone is affected by this epidemic.


Awareness. Education. Empowerment.


We are doing something about it. So many dont know they have a choice.


Love trumps Fear.  Seems like love is just pushed into the background.  All day we are loving everyone.  Our sacred clowns! 


An event coming up December 16th.  Perfect timing for us to promote this event.  An amazing band.  All these things are showing up, just because they put themselves out there.


Ryan said they recently received an anonymous donation recently.  Sometimes we feel a prompting to share on Facebook.  A way to shine a light.


In business, revenue allows you to do more good.


People just leaving a note of encouragement with $1000.  Keep Going.


Whoever you are Earth Angel, Thank You.


They are making that money go a long way. 


Now we are meeting with people having tragedies, being able to share their story with those who really need to know. 


Selfie…everyone in the pic, were so full of light.  Just met, but bonded over their son that committed suicide a few weeks before.  They do it for their love of their lost family member.


So much hopelessness.  We want to help these people not feel alone.


They are so loved.


Everybody’s Crying!


Exploding the juicy goodness….


What would be a good action?


Tonight at 6pm they will be livestreaming on Facebook.  LuvTruCru 


The big call to action is December 16thThe mission to reduce kids suicide by 50%…all other foundations, we are bridge-builders.  Get together and Shine the Light.  3-6pm


Totem City incredible band


Everybody Check it Out J 


Big Thanks!  You all have to come backcant help but be excited an happy.







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