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Ep45 Your Growth Plan: Because, Better Doesn’t Just Happen – Founders Roundtable

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Interview Segment: 


Kevin Taylor


Gluten Free ideas for Holiday meals



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EFL360  Founders Roundtable:


Whats going on at EFL360? 


Hi Kevin!


A little about himself.  He grew up in an entrepreneurial family.  He worked in the family business. After college, he jumped right back into the family business.  Senior housing industry. Assisted living right now does not mean baby boomers are turning 65 and there isnt quite a big rush moving in.


Its comingpeople are living longer and healthier.  Still a demand for assisted living, but it doesnt just happen at 65.  They sold the family businessKevin tells about the offer.  After that, trips to Cancun.  Kevin has a boat.  Living the Good Life.  It can happen.  Exiting the family business was a good thing.  He wasnt ready to give up.  Thought about early retirement, but wanted to set a good example for the kids.  He has not been bored.


He has been a business coach.  And, has mentored for 5 years now.  The leadership team ran the EFL meetings for 4 years. Its good to find people you can work with, that you care about, and that you can trust. 


That is what keeps Kevin going.  The answer is he loves giving back.


Its about your cup being filled.  Its one of the funnest days of the week! 


Hand Signals work.


What are we talking about, again?


EFL360 Weve had 6000 people come to meetings, have shared their business ideas, and success!


Some of them have ended up giving up small business, and went out and got a job.  Some just come to learn.  Entrepreneur Curious


Like Linda (Ryans wife) was interested in a cooking business.  Kevin says its better to know if you want to be in business, before you go in debt, etc.


Weve seen people grow, get funding, and quadruple their businesses.  It all comes down to work.


Like the show theme:  Better doesnt just happen.


You have to constantly learn ways to become better.  Systems.



This has been a big month.  Better doesn’t just happen. 


8 Wisdoms reference Look into the 7th & 8th Wisdoms


Creating framework for your growth & developing an attitude of gratitude.


Framework:  you want your business to grow, but you dont know how.  Kevin offers an example of building scaffolding.  This is your framework.  What you are building on.  Its not defining your business, but it is putting boundaries around it.  We are going to do this.


Inside that is your growth .. but, you have to know what it looks like, feels like.


You need a plan.


Goals.  Business Model.  Business Plan.


Understanding your business is a big part of your framework.


Framework is your grounding.  Business canvas, lean canvas,


Look at what you haveframework is defining what it is going to be.


Like Lego bricks.


The original concept is still what it is.  Look at all the things theyve made with them!  Its all possible, because they have a framework of what their basic brick looks like.


Even if you shift, you are still working within a structure.


Bobby has the Gratitude in Business notion:


He wanted it to have an impact.  Its hard to just have gratitude.  It is a powerful tool.  Especially in business.  We are going to solve all the problems in your business.  Like having the right marketing.   There is a problem.  A gap.


Focusing on the problems could be a problem.


Its easy to talk about the problems.  The real problem is YOU.


Bobby suggests our taking responsibility, accepting accountability. 


Connecting this to gratitude.  The other piece is (not The Secret) What you look at, is what you see.


Where your mind goes, it what you get.  Its what you create. 


Constantly looking at what I do wrong.  He notices so many others have the same car as you.  They bought them, because you did.  No.


Down a hole with that concept.  (Ryan hits more sound effectscommon ground to fix the problems together)


Gratitude in Business, like in your life, is a powerful tool.


Why you are excited about assisting and helping someone else, is what drives, and helps you get through all the obstacles. 


Focus on how to make good things happen.


Fewer clients, you can give them more attention. 


Bobby got all of his client by referrals, Word of Mouth is key.


Kevin says its easy to get stuck in your business, you are so busy digging a trench, when you look up you wonder why you are still doing it.  Stopping to think about it, may allow you a chance to do something different.



Ryan tells about the new format for the show.  We want to do a wrap up at the end of each show.  (he was up to something)  Ryan is the Doer.


Ryan gives an excellent summary of show takeaways (I need your notes)


Be Thankful for Framework  – The big takeaway!  Thanks, Ryan.


Kevin advises us to take a break, take a breath, and think about it for a moment..



Yay!  Love the sound fx  –   Thanks Again, Ryan J


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