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Ep44 Rule 76. No Excuses! Play Like A Champion! Nicole Broberg and Annie Munk

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Episode 44:


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Episode 44: “Rule 76. No Excuses! Play Like A Champion!”


Nicole Broberg and Annie Munk started Salt of the Earth, under their company Limitless Transition Services, with the vision of providing real life job opportunities for the students they work with. Nicole has worked in special education for over a decade and saw that most students who have special needs or who are at-risk, don’t receive proper training, or don’t have the necessary supports to jump into adulthood. They work one on one with our students to provide this support.


A little discussion about Podcasts that are not boring.

“The Brave New World of Media”  -Bobby



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B4G Segments



BizHack(tip of the day): 


If you are passionate in one area of your life, your business can grow.  No fakeness.


“You gotta walk your talk” – To Thine Own Self Be True….


Shakespeare, the Bible, rap music, movie quotes….anything that resonates.


76 is Good.  Ryan can Relate….


Bobby just wants to live that long!


Be True to Yourself, folks.


Especially in this world of so much noise.


Not just the key to business,  but the key to happiness!





Good News: For Animal Lovers (differences)

Cat Rescued by 3 Huskies is Now One of the Pack (Cuteness Overload)



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Quote of the day:


“Life is the Art of Drawing without an Eraser.”


That’s how great things were created.  Thomas Jefferson said he never failed, just learned lessons.


Nicole used to build furniture and was once told it is perfectly imperfect.  TV show characters are not perfect.  That’s why we love them.  The flaws make it unique.  Bobby did log furniture, and every log is different.  That’s what makes us interesting.


Things don’t really have to be a certain way.  It could be the next step to something even cooler.


Interview Segment: 


Annie started in education about two years ago.  She did stand up comedy.  Wrote children books…with messages about loving yourself.  Health issues and was diagnosed with Lupus and was given 6 years to live.  That is when she went to education to get this message out in the form of books.  As she has worked with kids, her Dad did cooperative education on the college level.  She thought about helping special education students plan for their futures.  Limitless Transition Services/Salt of the Earth was born!


She wanted to make a big impact.  And, the education space is the future.  Kids are Our Future!  -Bobby


Nicole had a tear moment.  She took a huge leap, quitting the only thing she knew and had ever done.  Her dream from fifth grade was to have an after school program to help these kids.  Their ideas complemented each other.


Perfect.   Because this is where her heart really is!


Hard transition not to have the same pay.  When you have your own business, everything changes.  It’s not just a mundane job.  You feel like you can take advantage of everything in front of you.


Business is about Freedom.  …with a much more fulfilling life.


They are on point. –Ryan


Kids prolly had a bet that they’d already be crying…hehe!


What does Biz4Good mean to you?


It’s about doing the right thing.  And, the money will fall into place.


It’s always about relationships. That is true in business and education.  Like corporate environments, that just have their basic needs being met.  How many feel safe and secure in the workplace.  How much are they achieving.


If you are doing good to meet the needs of those around you, it comes down to the connections you make.


Success might not mean millions of dollars, but growth you never dreamed possible.


Looking at their businesses and how they are growing, they weren’t really trying, it just naturally happens.  Business schools teach accounting, logistics, etc.  But, if you really want to do good, you can’t just focus on the bottom line.  People will want to be a part of stuff that they know is real.


Clear desire to do good.


Best advice in life was to just let things happen naturally.  When you force things to happen they don’t fit the right way.


Things can be super hard, but they fit together, and finally work.  Other than forcing something that isn’t working.



Gotta Make Money is a tough space to make an impact.  Need to just get a job to get money.


If you have a business idea, you might need a job in the meantime.  Do not quit your day job until they are making enough with their own business to go out on your own.


Ryan did it.  He got a job.  We have to have money to eat and have a place to live.


If only there was a way to help those who get up in the morning and hate their job.


Find a hobby, do it on the weekend.


You’re tired from work anyway, so might as well be doing something you enjoy!



We need to really know what Limitless is doing!


We provide transition experience for students.  We look at our students, and say, “I don’t want to just get to you to the finish line”  Graduation.   What they are trying to do is make them successful the rest of their lives.


It’s so much more….classes that focus on transition, social, adult living, all kinds of life skills.


If their regular class isn’t working, they help them to get their diploma.  Juniors and Seniors mainly.


Focusing on skills.  How to fold laundry, manage a bank account, make food, skill building.


Generations coming up need these skills!


Resume building, interview skills, entrepreneur skills…how to get a job.  How to call in sick!


Salt of the Earth is an entrepreneur business our students run.


There is a lot more to manage a business than what some schools teach students.


Kids have such great imaginations for business ideas.


Involved in decision making, evaluation.  What worked and didn’t work?


They should be involved in all that.


They need to come on another show.


What do you all see in the next 5 years?


  1. We want to expand Limitless to offer to other schools, to offer to students.


  1. Increase outreach to other businesses for apprenticeships for students.




These students are at risk or have special needs, so have issues accessing these services.  If there are problems, this is a safe place to TRY.  Some are more difficult to work with.


We really believe in their potential.  To Make a Champion!  Just because you have a disability is no reason not to make a champion.


Bobby can so relate.  He’s had a ton of start ups, and has had to fight to show others he wasn’t stupid.


Ryan also shared how special teachers help so much.


The products are available online at:



Thanks So Much, Nicole & Annie!  #BeGoodDoGood



“Rule 76. No Excuses! Play Like A Champion!”  Nicole Broberg and Annie Munk! Nicole is “the Brains” of Limitless Transition Services and Annie is “the muscle”. Annie is “the brains” of Salt of the Earth: A Limitless Production and Nicole is “the muscle”.


For us B4G means to do good for the world. To make the world a better place by helping young adults not only get to the finish line of a high school diploma but by helping them lay the groundwork for successful adulthood.


At Limitless Transition Services/Salt of the Earth, we work with at risk and special needs youth to help them acquire self worth and learn the necessary skills to transition into adulthood. We focus on everything from hygiene to interpersonal communication skills, from emotional intelligence all the way to practical job skills. We help our students create resumes by supporting them in getting food handler permits and giving them hands on job experience running our season salt company. We work with high school students all over the valley, but are primarily running our program at East Hollywood High School in West Valley City, UT.


Nicole Broberg and Annie Munk started Salt of the Earth, under their company Limitless Transition Services, with the vision of providing real life job opportunities for the students they work with. Nicole has worked in special education for over a decade and saw that most students who have special needs or who are at-risk, don’t receive proper training, or don’t have the necessary supports to jump into adulthood. They work one on one with our students to provide this support.

Their students all earn their food handler permits, they blend the salts in small batches, bottle the salts, label the salts and then sell them at local farmers markets! They are involved in the entire process! When they graduate high school they have a resume, with actual job experience that will help them take that first step into adulthood and toward independence. Their goal is for their students to see that even though there are perceived limitations, their potential and ability to do anything is truly limitless.

Nicole and Annie live in Midvale, Utah with their two naughty dogs. They love the work they do!


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