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Ep37 If you could change anything in your life, What Would it Be? Missi Peckham

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Episode 37:


The #Biz4GoodShow is honored & super-excited to present Missi Peckham as this week’s featured guest. “If you could change anything in your life, What Would it Be?” #AccessConsciousness #Bars #Healing


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Bobby was late, so there was much plotting prior to his arrival…

Biz Hack Segment:


and the biz hack is a debate about should we or shouldn’t we quick our day job to start a business


Missi questions how that is going to create or decay your future.  Bobby says what if they hate their job and have this dream.  But, the crappy job pays the bills. Missi asks what else is possible.  All kinds of possibilities that you cannot see outside the box.  What Else Is Possible?  Like a brain search…


Following dreams is a great way to take on the world. But, you don’t do that overnight and throw away the job that feeds the family.  First dabble, play, see if the business is viable enough.  When it gets in the way of your day job, it’s time to quit.


Could ask at the day job, “What could make this more fun?”


Could you choose in this 10 seconds to be happy?


Or, you might choose to be totally sad.  Some people have fun being sad.  Like a clown.


Listening to someone, when you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.


Missi has some extra special tips on how we can change our world with our thoughts.  Listen to the Show at:


Live in the Question … You don’t have to have an answer.  Because, it is constantly changing.


Bobby says we continue to grow all our lives, and if you believe in the afterlife you continue to grow.


At work, how can we make our day more magical?


Who am I today, and what grand adventures do I have before me?  But, You don’t have to do that.



Good News Segment


Cancer Survivor Breaks Down When She Discovers ‘Hope’ Rock Left Near Her Car By Total Stranger


Awe!   Such a sweet story.  Thanks Ryan….Hope.


Quote of the Day:


I’ve decided to be happy, because it’s good for my health.


Missi says, “True Story”.


Bobby is touched by her soft voice and the way she creates a safe space.


Wants to get her all over us and so excited to learn about Missi!!!!



Episode 37:


The #Biz4GoodShow is honored & super-excited to present Missi Peckham as this week’s featured guest. “If you could change anything in your life, What Would it Be?” #AccessConsciousness #Bars #Healing


Interview Segment:   Missi Peckham


Missi shares a story of her past experiences that brought her to where she is today.


Volunteers of America gave her therapy, she was trying to practice forgiveness.  She was drinking and scared.  Shut down emotionally, physically, etc.  At Crystal Hot Springs (woman of my own heart) and saw women doing the Bars therapy in the water.  She got a prompting to approach them.  She was angry, and had tried everything.  Nothing had changed.  She was desperate.  Something had to change, because she was killing herself. 

Don’t give up if you are in that space.  Everything can change.

She got bars run on her head, with some energy healing, the woman took did a bars session and Missi felt all the sadness, depression.  All gone.  Instead of drinking, she worked out cleaned her house.  Was not raging anymore!

It made Missi want to live.  She gets her bars run every couple of weeks. 


If your brain is computer, it is like doing ctl alt delete on all your junk files.


Mind viruses getting cleaned up!


Some generalizations create our reality.  Like men/women are bad, or other thought patterns that get stuck. 


Bobby’s speechless…but, keeps talking.


Takes about an hour or an hour and a half.  After she learned about it, she took classes and learned how to do it.  She even did it for her ex-husband.  It was an 8 hour class.  Free for kids!


Bobby brags about his kids.


I am not enough is the one that most people run in the background all the time.

She asks clients what is right about them?


It will either change your life, or it is like a massage.  Self Care for Your Mind.


Releases trauma out of the body.  The show What the Bleep talks about this in detail.


Brain creating neural pathways.  Bars dissolves those ruts in your brain!


Create new neural networks.  Get rid of ruts that have all those negative thought patterns.


Bobby is a big fan of simple.  The simple things are the most powerful.

Like 8 Wisdoms.  Just being able to touch someone on the head – so simple.


Jeffrey Fannin is a neuroscientist who took pictures of the brain before and after a bars session.  After, it looks like the person has been meditating their whole life.


What does Biz4Good mean to Missi?


Most people think of business in a negative connotation.  (cut throat or competition says Bobby, Ryan says transactions/dealings.)


Instead of approaching biz in the world of WE instead of ME.


How can we contribute to each other?  How can my magic contribute to your magic?


That’s what Biz4Good means to Missi…and what she has gotten out of the show.


Missi has a few stories to share.  Listen to the Show:


Incredible!  Getting people off prescription meds.  And, all the other addictions.


Like addictions to being wrong.


What is right about you?


Bobby doesn’t take anything personal. 


They start noticing Missi’s huge energy field.  She loves to bring people into their power.

After getting rid of all the baggage…

MagicWithMissi on Facebook, Missi has classes every month.  She has lots of tools to give to people for free.  One is:  Who does this belong to?  (listen to hear all about it)


Psychic Sponge Bobs –  We think all these thoughts are ours!  But, they are someone else’s.

Elvis says, “Return to Sender”…send the thoughtforms back to them!

At a funeral everyone is sad.  It’s not all you.  If it’s heavy it’s probably not yours.


Bobby says awareness is the key.  Just being aware makes all the difference.

Thanks for Sharing is what Bobby calls it.  That’s not yours.  You don’t own that!


This cures depression.  Missi has tools to help you get over it.  So Awesome! 

Is this mine?


Right or Wrong. It either works or doesn’t work.


Designed to polarity.  You are either right or wrong.  What if there is no right or wrong?  What if everything is just a choice.  Every choice creates awareness.  You learn what you need to learn in this life.


Celebrate!  Making choices from this space of awareness is empowering.


Ryan shares how these attitudes affect us all the time.  Doubt is a distractor of who you really are.  Anything that is stopping anyone, Missi wants to help you move forward again.


We could talk with Missi about this stuff all day!  All 3 start singing different songs.



Here’s Missi’s Intro:


Hi, I’m Missi Peckham, entrepreneur, creator, connector, business coach, life coach, joy artist, teacher, and Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator. I create more joy on the planet and specifically in Utah through empowering people to have the life they truly desire.
Using the tools of Access Consciousness and the Bars, I empower and facilitate people from where they are to where they know they could be. I teach classes and do private sessions to assist anyone to access having more of them without all the limitations and judgments they’ve been carrying around since birth. In other words, we get rid of anything that’s not working for you.
Three years ago I was given an amazing gift…some really different tools which totally changed my life. I was on the verge of becoming an alcoholic because of a traumatic event that left me enraged, depressed and completely shut down. I knew that there was more to life than waking up every morning feeling like everything about me was “wrong.” Then I found Access Consciousness and everything changed after a one hour Bars session. Today, I wake up every morning feeling joyful and excited for what new adventure the day will bring. I trust me. I love me. I honor me. My passion is to bring this peace, joy and ease into every person’s life who chooses to have it.


#BeGoodDoGood  #Biz4GoodShow


That’s a Wrap!


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