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Ep35 Are You Creating Customers or Fans? Founders Roundtable

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Episode 35:  EFL360 Founders Roundtable

“Are You Creating Customers or Fans?”





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Today we have the

EFL360 Founders Roundtable   “Are You Creating Customers or Fans?”


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Episode 35:  EFL360 Founders Roundtable

“Are You Creating Customers or Fans?”


Roundtable Discussion Segment:


As fans, some are customers some are not.  But, they are all passionate fan.


What is the difference between a passionate fan & loyal customer.


Customer might be compelled to buy.  A fan proactively reaches out, looking for and reaching.  Brand Evangelists.  Like a sportsteam fan with banners, etc.  Advocating, sharing their loyalty.


The opposite of fans, are haters.  Or detractors.  The most popular view is sometimes from the detractor.  They feel very strongly about this.


Bobby talks about Amazon and how he looks at the negative reviews first.


Ryan asked a question of Cotopaxi’s feedback to find out about how they build community.  He got an answer from the founder about doing good and working collaboratively.  We not only try to inspire with our products, but we make it a great place to work.  Each employee gets to go out into the country for a day each week to do good in the world.   Customers can sense happy employees.


Kevin mentions a business he patronizes with pics of their employees having fun in nature.  He stresses the importance of supporting people getting out to national parks and that people aren’t coming to that business just to come there, but to also support their culture. Keeping that in mind creates fans of that store.


Many brands have fans and customers.  Internally the importance of having happy employees is most important in getting their products and services out into the world.


It’s about creating something that people want to be a part of.


Jay says they have company shirts they are proud to wear.


If your leadership isn’t a fan of your brand, how successful can that company be.  The owner/founder needs to be a fan of your brand, too.


Do you love it.  First.  When it’s hard do you stop, because you aren’t making enough money.


Kevin is losing a passion for one of his hobbies.  Looking from a business perspective.  If you are not a fan of your business, everyone is going to know.  It will radiate in all kinds of little ways.


Creating fans is a powerful way to move your business forward.


How does Biz4Good connect to all of this?


Kevin says most businesses that create fans have more than just their product and service they are offering.  Fence sitters….and the competition between college teams in the area.  It is polarizing.  You identify on whichever side of the fence you are on.


In business, what is polarizing people?   Find out where you fit.


Applying that to a business, requires bringing people in with something other than what you are selling.


Walmart started on fans.  Getting the small towns to support a one stop and a department store in rural America.  Shouting to the rooftops!


Once we earn the fans, how do we keep them?

Jay says if you are a fan of price.  That’s one way.  Other ways is to have good customer service.


The show connected with the fact that if you want to create an impact is that you want to create loyal fans, not just customers.


Make your experience fan worthy.


Kevin agrees….


Create something people will love and they will support you.  Treat customers well.


Big Thanks to Kevin & Jay!


Anyone from anywhere in the world can watch and learn.


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