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Ep33 The secret to business success Bizmunchers Review

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The #Biz4GoodShow

Episode 33 BizMunchersReview


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“Welcome to the B4G show!!! With your hosts


Bobby Glen James & the Ryan PILKINGTON!


The greatest business secret of all time.

Do good in the world.


We provide the GOOD NEWS!


On today’s show we are mixing in-studio with a road trip.



Ep: 33 The #Biz4GoodShow  Live! on FB & YouTube Thursday at 2pm   #BeGoodDoGood



Bizmunchers is a networking luncheon.  The deal behind bizmunchers is You Gotta Eat.  We are business owners who get together and socialize.  #MeetEatBiz


It’s a lot of fun, and you learn a lot.  No pressure and just feel comfortable.


So important to build relationships!  Learn from them as a mentor, or do business together.


B4G Studio News


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Bobby says, “….since sliced bread.”  Really!  Small Business Owners – Listen Up.



I’d like to introduce the biggest thing to happen to the accounting industry since 1495… It’s Mazuma Bookkeeping and Taxes and if you own a small business it’s about to change everything. Mazuma was established to focus solely on you…the small business owner. Here’s how it works… Step ONE; send your statements and docs to Mazuma. That’s it.They do ALL your bookkeeping for you and will even file your taxes with optimal returns. Here’s the best part… You pay 75 bucks a month. 75 dollars for an accounting department! You can trust Mazuma. Call now to set up a free consultation. Call 866-575- 9100 that’s 866-575- 9100 or visit Be compliant, be organized and save on taxes! Mazuma. Changing everything about running a small business.



EFL360  Entrepreneurs, Founders, & Leaders meeting also livestreamed on FB of their weekly face-to-face meeting.  Mentors teaching, and helping you taking entrepreneurship to the next level.


Weekly meetings Thursdays 4-6pm at Salt Lake Community College Miller Campus.


Learn new tools to grow your business!  Networking on a whole new level.


Speak Up Professionals Speakers Studio

Story Magic: Tonight.  Learning the method for telling a story.


A place for all of us to get together and strengthen our messaging skills. Get that message outside of you.  Learn and understand ways to make an impact when you get on stage.  As a teacher, trainer or coach.


The #Biz4GoodShow is booked up til next year.  So, let us know if you are doing good in the world, and we’ll get you scheduled for a show.


Love seeing all the good that is going on and the service that is being done in our country with both hurricanes, the floods and fires!! Thanks to all the fire & rescue, police, and volunteers. From darkness come the light was shared last week. So True!!!





Biz Hack:

7 Mental Hacks to Be More Confident in Yourself

Biz hack by success magazine –

1. Push through self-limiting beliefs.

2. Never confuse memory with facts.

3. Talk to yourself.

4. Think positive to overcome your negativity bias.

5. Raise your curiosity levels.

6. Overcome self-doubt.

7. Face your fears.

Ryan’s afraid of bees, and needles.  He says, sometimes things are scary, but you have to face them.

Good News:

Lawyer Gives Up 6-Figure Salary To Teach,

Sends 95% Of Students To Top Colleges!



Quote of the Day:


“Sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage and I promise you something great will come of it”.


Ryan says focus on the 20 seconds part.  Bobby wanted to go and ask a girl to dance.  She said no. But, he had the courage to make the decision and try.




Interviews from last week’s Bizmunchers. 


Club 90, Bizmunchers for lunch.  You gotta eat.


We are in our own space.  Ryan says hello Ryan J


Asking the folks at Bizmunchers what doing good business in the world means to them.  Celebrities like, Chuck Norris, weren’t sure about that mission.  But, these folks will tell you what they know from being entrepreneurs.


Kevin Taylor is there and gives an example of students working at his school and getting ready for hurricane Irma.  Being aware of who your customers are, beyond just buying your stuff.  #BeGoodDoGood


Cary White from #SpeakersSpeakUp says its AWESOME.

Finding out what the other person wants, and help them to get it.   


All the amazing guests….awesome people, amazing guests.


Much business is competitive and stressful, but doing good makes all the difference.


Jerry Lund, Fire & Fuel Apparel, previous guest on the show.  Today he is doing stickers that people can buy to help the hurricane disaster first responders.  Raise $10 to help.  Also, the firefighters that help to fight cancer.  Giving something good, and not asking for anything back. 


John Bell, host of another Meet Up called Entrepreneur Starting Point.  Business tends to be in modern day terms, getting as much money from other people.  Business for good is giving people what they want and need, and you will be successful.


Ryan Pilkington says….he started the show because he noticed people were doing good things in the world, just not being noticed or appreciated.  Putting that good into practice.


Bobby Glen James has to hog the mic first.  He forgot.  Oh yeah, everyone who has said something, they all agree if you do good and you will succeed.


Linda Pilkington says when people hear business, that they are just in it for the money.  It should be more about what’s being done in the world for good, and not focusing on the negative.


Doing good in business is a good business practice.


Scott Johnson, says getting great value for value.  You are putting your all into another business. They see there is value and it comes out even for everyone.


If there is value they will trust you and come back.


It means disrupting large corporation to benefit small.


47% of business in the U.S. is Small Business.



That was cool…..Bizmunchers Review.  Poor waitress 😉


Side Show Bob … HaHa!


Back in the Studio Live – it’s always good to get different insights from different people.


All kinds of stuff going on….because, we believe in all the good that’s going on!



#BeGoodDoGood  #Biz4GoodShow


That’s a Wrap!




We are booked through mid-December – Then we will be off for the holidays and back for Season 2 for 2018 New to the show !


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