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Ep32 In Darkness There is Light – Robyn Cage

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Robyn Cage – Music that Heals



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Super Amazing Guest Today:  The Robyn Cage


Bobby goes off on “the voice”….and talks about a movie of interest.  Off track.  Ryan keeps things on track.


Episode 32:  In Darkness There is Light


Robyn’s life theme at the moment.  We are going to play a song of Robyn’s.  Her music is on You Tube, you can find her all over the Internet.



Robyn Cage’s powerhouse vocals and impassioned live performances have enthralled audiences nationwide, from Boston’s Symphony Hall, to thousands at outdoor festivals, to the prestigious and intimate singer-songwriter circuit in NYC. Born in the Utah desert, she went on to study at The Boston Conservatory and become an accomplished actress in NYC, where her performances earned praise from The New York Times and Variety. When Robyn came to a crucial turning point in her life, she migrated back to her desert birthplace and was creatively and soulfully reawakened as an alternative-pop artist with an entrancing and authentic artistic sensibility. Her debut album Born in the Desert (2015) was named one of the 35 Top Albums of 2015 by I’m Music Magazine and topped the list of 25 Best New Music Critiques of 2015 by Music Connection Magazine. New releases from Robyn’s forthcoming album Slow The Devil coming 2017.



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Finding a good mentor is important.  People who have struggled and know the ropes might be the best mentors.  You can have more than one mentor, and it’s okay to move on to your next mentor.  Mentors can be anyone with a differing perspective, not necessarily a hugely successful person.

Channeling Steve Jobs?  Bobby!  Squirrel……haha!!!!

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Quote of the Day:


“We rise by lifting others.”


If you want to get ahead you have to help others.


Biz4Good.  A real mantra.  For a real reason.


The more good you do the more successful you will be.


When Ryan was looking for acts for the AntiBullying concert, which is scheduled for May 2018, music has gotten Ryan thru a lot of stuff, and he wanted to share the good.


Really powerful music is healing.  Bobby also found Robyn when looking for guests.  Ryan told Bobby he had already found her!  So Cool…..




Interview Segment:


So excited to talk with Robyn Cage.  Tell us about You!


Robyn says Thanks, and tells about being a singer/songwriter from Salt Lake City, not New York or LA.  Her last album was called “Born in the Desert”.  Spent time on the East Coast.  Boston.  Had been interested in Broadway, but as her career was taking off she was feeling unfulfilled.  Theatre wasn’t the vehicle for her to say what she wanted to say.  Music was a form of self expression.  Working with a Producer in New York.  Had a connection in LA and wanted to go there.  LA made more sense for her genre.  Came back to Utah for a few months, living with parents, a bunch of things happened, met her husband, began performing in Park City and realized she could make a comfortable living just staying in the are an performing.  Not having to go thru the LA Experience.  With the Internet and You Tube/Social Media….labels and big business can’t hold you back.  The audience decides.


Robyn just kicked it out of the park with a new kickstarter campaign.  Just finished recording the vocals yesterday.  It’s hard work.  Recording.


Audience are more intelligent than being given credit.  The recording has to be perfect.  It’s emotionally taxing, because you have to put yourself into everything.


Exhausting, but so worth it.  Bobby calls it “the magic”.  Some artists have it, but some have “the magic”.  It’s spirit/soul that connects them to the audience.


That’s what Robyn is into right now.  The give and take in live performance.


It saves people’s lives!


What does Biz4Good mean to you?


It means so many things, but thinking about the recording process and authenticity.  In the phase of making a record.  She puts aside her own ego and makes the best product she can.  That involves a lot of collaboration, like co-writer.  Knowing when to give in to another idea.


To bring about some form of positive change.  Drop the Ego.


In the entertainment industry, an ego is necessary.  Being able to put that aside.  And, knowing when.


On the flip side you have to know when to stand up for your work.  Like being criticized for a song.  She had to be adamant about getting a certain song out there.  You have to be true to yourself.


Abe Lincoln quote from Bobby…about pleasing everyone.  Just be true to yourself.


Biz4Good Wisdom.


Sneak Peak this upcoming single….to be released.  Here is the debut of Robyn’s song played on the show.  Listen at


So Awesome!


Plays song.  Makes sure it’s not on Mute…..


“This Means War”


Makes Bobby Dance!  Ryan’s favorite!  Bobby loved the hook….Tonight This Means War!


We got to play it here first on the Biz4GoodShow.  Bobby can’t not dance when there’s good music.  Now, Robyn tells about the story behind that song.


Declaring war on negative thoughts and inner critic.  What’s worse than inner critic is the voice that beats you up.  Looking into the mirror and just beating up on yourself.  Having grown out of that she teaches voice lessons, to teenage girls, seeing herself in them.  Having one student struggling so much right now.  It’s hard on everyone.  Unrealistic ideas of who we are supposed to be.  Having come thru what that young woman had gone thru.  Feeling like writing a song to help others get thru the dark moments into the light.  Listening to that voice for what it is.  Deciding to fight it.  And rise above.


Acknowledge it.  It’s a voice we don’t have to listen to.


Thank you for sharing….now I’m gonna move on.  Giving it too much power, feeds the voice.


Powerful Song.  Awesome.


One more question:  Is there a specific fan that was touched by your song.


The first one that comes to mind was a fan that wrote to Robyn.  She was in the hospital and had been there for a while.  Her last record had a song, “Larger Than Life”.  She had written out all the lyrics and her interpretation, as to how it applied to what she was going thru.  She sent it to Robyn on Facebook.  And, Whoa….What an Impact.


Her personal songs, seem like the more personal the more universal it is.



The more you are connected with spirit the more people are connected to you.


Bobby feels if he makes an impact with one person, it’s all worth it.


Keeps us movin on…..Thanks Robyn!  Keep On Movin…..Your Music is So Moving!


People can find out more by following Robyn on social.  And, her website:



Check it Out Everybody!!!!


Looking into vinyl for her record…might take several months.  She will be releasing music regularly right up to the release of her upcoming album.




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That’s a Wrap!




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