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Ep31 Humans of Salt Lake City with Mike Angelieri

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Mike Angelieri Humans of Salt Lake City


Meet Mike Angelieri from Humans of Salt Lake City!


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We have Mike Angelieri from Humans of Salt Lake City in the studio, with an interview coming up next.

Biz Hack:

Daily Rituals brainstorming


Consistent rituals….in a good sense J

When Ryan gets up he likes to listen to positive music or something that inspires him.

At the end of the day, see if my goal for the day was accomplished.

Mike says you just have to get out there and do things.  Sometimes it is uncomfortable, but if he doesn’t get out there, things don’t happen.  He talks about inclement whether and how to stick to your goals.


Bobby would be all about The Do.

Unless your goals aren’t thought out, things aren’t just going to happen.  Rituals can help you get going.  To become heart-to-heart & connect with someone face to face.  Jay has some great input on rituals we can do to create an intention.  Like praying.  Asking for the strength to be there for the right people at the right time.  Meditation.  Schedule blocks of time for these rituals.  Like Ryan’s playlist:  A Monday playlist, a Friday playlist…

Readers are Leaders and Leaders are Readers. Get us out there.

What works for you as an individual?

Get on our Facebook page and share your rituals to get things done.  What are your goals?

Ryan added a few more tips. Mentions The Four Agreements, which he is listening to on Audible. Listen/Watch:

Mike says, it’s more about what works versus what doesn’t work.


You have to start where you are at.  Self care is also a big part of it.


We need to keep our cup full.


Quote of the Day:


“There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.”


Sky ads this video J

“You Can Be More Than What You’ve Lost”…from a different worldview.



Whatever there is behind is not what is ahead. Keep moving ahead…


Jay is excited about the Humans of Salt Lake City project.  Seeing the posts on their Facebook page with so much spirit in the posts, and so much going on.  How does Mike feel about recent tragedies?  As much as you see tragedy, how do you believe things will get better.


We have just got to keep hopeful.  The moment we lose the faith is when we lose out entirely.  We cannot let tragedies affect our faith.  Not letting any negative force win out.


Keep fighting for another day.


We have some questions for Mike.  Ryan’s wife brought Humans of Salt Lake to the B4G show, via the Advocate Tees anti-bullying initiative, and hearing these stories.


Connecting with people.


Interview Segment:



Started October 2013 (four years ago) Mike shares the History of Humans of SLC


The concept of getting out there and just talking to people.  We are not just be here to go it alone.  Hearing all the great stories.  He took his camera and started talking to people in the city.  He asked them to give others some advice.  First person he spoke to said, “Do something you love every day”.


Even though he had no idea how he was going to do this.  Looking back on earlier posts, he was learning, and it has evolved.  He tries to post at least one time a day. 


Had to ask if he had the time and the will, he had the equipment…got on Google to see if anyone else was doing it.  He found Health and Human Services were it.  So, he grabbed the Facebook page and domain, and it took off from there.


What does Biz for Good mean to you?


You have to hold yourself to a higher standard, people are counting on you for a product or service, and you have to operate with a sense of integrity, decency and honesty.  If you act that way, you will be far more successful.  Just common sense and courtesy make a bigger difference in society.


Jay wants to know more about Mike.  He gives more background and history, and mentions his wife helping consult on sensitive subject matter.


Mike tells story about a specific neighborhood with people who were homeless, addicted, and a lady calls him over.  He sat down and talked with her.  She told him the story of being sexually assaulted by a Pastor, and she was piercing his arm and starts to cry.  He had no idea she was going to tell this story.  Now she has done therapy, and is considering suicide.  He was thankful he could be there for her.  After a few more details, he asked her not to hurt herself.  Not just because he was asking, he told her there would be others who would help her to know she is not alone.  He had his wife listen to the audio recording of the interview.  She thought he should word it just the way the lady said it.  The people sent comments of sending prayers, be strong….3 weeks later he saw her.  She called out to him and said, “Humans of Salt Lake City, You Saved My Life”.


Someone else out there realizes they are not alone.  Such power in validation!


Saving One Life.  He who saves one life, saves the world entire.


Jay shares his own experiences, and how everyone says “they and them”…” we are them “.


Shame hates the light.  We will find those who will love us anyway.


Mike is a Salt Laker…at the beginning he wasn’t aware of the demographic.  At first he felt he was only talking to young, white people.  He was asked why not talk to anyone?  He needed to know where to find them.  SLC is not all white culture.  Just walking down the street he can meet all kinds of places.  He now tries to attend events with specific populations.  He went to one that hosted refugees from Africa and Asian.  He has gotten good and bad responses.


He insists on community standards.  And, everyone treated with kindness.  There are rare moments when Mike must moderate conversations, when people are not kind. He will talk to anyone.  People don’t always want to talk to him.  The city is full of international culture, if you go and try to find it.


A quick guideline Mike shares is to be available, not doing anything, before he can get you to talk.  If he makes eye contact and you are not occupied, and you smile or wave back, he will talk to you.  Not everyone is open to just talking to strangers in public.


How can we learn more?  Mike would love for everyone to jump on Facebook and like the Humans of Salt Lake City page.  The conversation and community are building, and strong.


People are being touched, and talk to each other to learn from each other.  Express Your Opinion, but don’t be abusive. Mike will ban anyone who is abusive, or uses foul language, on his page.  He censors his page.


Another rule is to remember that others are expressing themselves.  I’m not a judge, critic, or referee…let the story stand by itself.  Figure out your own conclusions about what you just learned.  Don’t worry if no one else agrees with you.



Anything to Add? Are Salt Lakers moving in the right direction?


There is magic in humanity that we can all learn from.  Curiosity makes everyone able to learn…worldwide.  Share with millions and they can be touched.



#BeGoodDoGood  #Biz4GoodShow


That’s a Wrap!


Meet Mike Angelieri from Humans of Salt Lake City!



“People ask me all the time about why I created Humans of Salt Lake City. The answer lies in my ingrained belief that everyone has the capacity and ability to teach or to touch others. We are not on this earth to ‘go it alone.’ In fact, as we are inherently social creatures, the instinct to reach out to others, for whatever reason, is a truly understated part of who we are. I think people have gifts of empathy, instruction, motivation, creativity, eloquence, and, above all, indomitability in the face of challenge…these gifts are what I’m trying to explore. People don’t always believe they have these gifts, or worse, they don’t believe they have the right or the capability to exercise those gifts. My project is about getting people to recognize those gifts and to exercise them to the discovery that real power, that magic power of the beauty of humanity, lies within all of us.” –Mike Angelieri, Humans of Salt Lake City



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