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Ep30 Creating Connections through Our Marketing in an Otherwise Noisy World

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#Biz4GoodShow – EFL360 Founders Roundtable Edition




Episode 30: The Biz4GoodShow featuring the EFL360 Founders Roundtable this week. “Creating Connections through Our Marketing in an Otherwise Noisy World” with Jay Taylor, and all the other Entrepreneurs, Founders, and Leaders who produce this collaborative learning experience.  Tune in here on Facebook or YouTube at 2pm Thursday, August 24, 2017.  #LiveStream  #Biz4GoodShow #EFL360 #BeGoodDoGood  #Marketing #SmallBusiness #Entrepreneur




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EPISODE – 30 : EFL360 Roundtable

. “Creating Connections through Our Marketing in an Otherwise Noisy World”



Most people are drawn to doing good in the world.  So, the Biz4GoodShow has been able to share awesome people doing good business!  We want to thank all the guests we’ve had on.  This is Episode #30.


And, #3 EFL360 Founders Roundtable show.


Next week, Mike Angelieri from Humans of Salt Lake…and the week after we will be having vocalist Robyn Cage.


Kevin & Jay keep coming back.  Even when not served lunch!  So good to have you on the show.


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EFL360  Entrepreneurs, Founders, & Leaders  meeting also livestreamed on FB


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SEGMENTS:  (studio audience clap)

Biz Hack:

Being overwhelmed.  Working 80 to 90 hours a week.  What do we do?


  1. Know that your reaction is normal.
  2. Take a deep breath. Take a break. Take a walk.
  3. Then creatively prioritize.
  4. Start with the easy stuff.
  5. Timer to stay focused.




Professor Taylor gives some really good input for being proactive.  The voice of reason.



Tell personal stories of serving others.  Bobby’s Thanksgiving Story….


20 something people.  Broke into 3 teams.  Go out in the world and create 3 dinners for 3 families.  Had a piece of paper to ask people to donate items.  Overwhelming response.

The even cooler part…they went with their own spirit to find out who to give them to.  Found an RV with a bunch of kid toys around it.  Retired Vet with 2 kids and his wife, wondering what in the world.  The kids and people were all so excited.  Bawling and giving without giving is super memorable.



Kevin shares this past Monday.  The solar eclipse caused the temps to lower and things got weird.  His wife and family were out there with their glasses.  The neighbors came out, and everyone came together…even driving by with their kids.  Can we try your glasses?  Not a big thing.  Not hours of planning.  Spontaneously sharing with the neighbors!


Jay says community is such a big thing.  It feels good to be with people.


Being and Doing Good is all a big part of what we do.  At times we get to be the ones to receive the goodness of others.  Mentoring, Coaching, helping others.  Sometimes we need some help personally.  Jay knew to call Kevin at a moment of overwhelm, and when that friend drops what they are doing to help out it makes all the difference.  We have to learn how to be good receivers.


Ryan was at the grocery store.  Thought he had his debit card.  Was having to apologize that he wasn’t going to be able to get what he had, when the guy behind him said he would pay for it.


Many people come to give.  The relationships we create when we create community.  Taking walks around the park, visiting friends in the hospital, putting an arm around a friend.  Our ELF360 Tribe does much more!  We work as a team and a community to help each other out.



Now.  Pizza talk.  Bobby brought almonds.  Still no new listeners in New Mexico.  Please tune in if you are from NM & you’ll get a free sample.




EFL360 Founders & Leaders Segment:


“Creating Connections through Our Marketing in an Otherwise Noisy World” with Jay Taylor



How to break through the noise.  Never been more noisy than right now.  All the information out there… 72 hours of new video uploaded every minute of every day.  40 mil Google Searches….FB content (huge numbers)  277 thousand tweets per minute…..



Every minute people are clamoring for our attention, energy, loyalty, commitment….buy-in, such as Fake News.  Creating panic, overwhelm, and disinformation.  Not since WWII has so much disinformation been experienced.


Create to Connect.  Reach out individually.  Think about people as individuals.  Think about the one instead of the thousands.


Propaganda out there.  All designed to cut through the noise.  To appeal to the group who is going to believe it.  Stop what you are doing and pay attention.  Look at the noise in the world and not be a part of that noise.  It’s not just evil that uses propaganda.  Even the allies in WWII were using propaganda.  It is also called MARKETING.


Take the effectiveness and put it with our own messaging.  Knowing who you are speaking to.



10% off doesn’t resonate.  90% might (hehe)


Maybe the people you are trying to reach want some other benefit that is far more important.



When you look at all the advertising that looks the same.  So much “me too”.  No business is a “me too”.  You do not start a business to be just like someone else.


When you see a commercial that says we are better…it always means check your source!


The leader never mentions the competitor.  (Coke never mentions others in their ads)

Their #2 competitor Pepsico – Better than, taste better, everything better than COKE.


See the noise and cut through the noise.  Like Avis.  Ads allowed for them.  “We work harder for you”….



How do we connect to our customers better?


Ryan Knows!  It’s yur show…..


Forget about the new shiny object.


Like You Tubers with 10Million followers.  Bobby thinks the biggest thing to cut through the noise is consistency.  The kids are watching these daily, and looking forward to the next.


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Following your intuition and decide what your company needs.  Focus on your customers.


Guerrilla tactics….grassroots marketing tactics.  More real.  How do I really connect with people.




Kevin pointed out, Ryan said:

Know Your Customer

Know Your Message


If you message resonates with what your customers wants, the message will come through.



Everyone is not our customer.  Go with what really works.  Struggling to cut through the noise.  Many try.  But, be authentic.  Why are you doing what you are doing.  Let everyone know what yours are.


Life is proven the Golden Rule really is the Golden Rule.  Do Unto Others….How do I want to be treated.  Not hyped, mislead, lied to.  Helps us identify our tribe, and what not to do.


If you are in your target market.  If your business is serving someone who is not you.  Do unto others as you think they would like to be treated.  Like the elderly in Kevin’s retirement home.


Find out what they are looking for.  No information is good information.  GET FEEDBACK.


Learn how to speak to your people.  Target markets we are not a member of.  You know there is a niche.  You still have to be able to resonate with them.


Create your marketing.  Create you messaging.  Connect with your message & who you want to reach.  Is it just creating noise?


They are your people!


Final Comments:


The technology diff….one mic was spitting out static.  We thought about keeping it in just to create noise.  Don’t you just tune out everything, if you don’t want to hear the static?


When bombarded we become numb and cannot hear the message we want to hear.


Part of creating that connection is to help others get through the noise!



Go Kevin!


People will start to listen and recognize truth.  You create a relationship.



Give away something of value.  (download now…useful info)


EFL360 tries to cut through the noise.




Quote of the Day:


Better an Oops than a What if?




#BeGoodDoGood  #Biz4GoodShow




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