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Ep29 The Wild West of Small Business with Greg & Ben from Mazuma

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This week on the #Biz4GoodShow we have Greg Neilson with Mazuma USA….Tune in at 2pm on Facebook & YouTube  #BeGoodDoGood


Mazuma USA:  The Wild West of Small Business with Greg & Ben from Mazuma


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We’d like to introduce the biggest thing to happen to the accounting industry since 1495… It’s Mazuma Bookkeeping and Taxes and if you own a small business it’s about to change everything. Mazuma was established to focus solely on you…the small business owner. Here’s how it works… Step ONE; send your statements and docs to Mazuma. That’s it. They do ALL your bookkeeping for you and will even file your taxes with optimal returns. Here’s the best part… You pay 75 bucks a month. 75 dollars for an accounting department! You can trust Mazuma. Call now to set up a free consultation. Call 866-575- 9100 that’s 866-575- 9100 or visit Be compliant, be organized and save on taxes! Mazuma. Changing everything about running a small business.



Not a boring show!  Not a boring topic!  Accounting for Small Biz is going to be Awesome!!!


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Thanks to all the B4G Show listeners.  We’re in India, and Indiana….anyone know anyone in New Mexico?  Hehe…



INTO THE SEGMENTS:  Thanks Greg & Ben for joining in the conversation here.


Biz Hack:



Accounting CAN be creative J


Tip #1: Start with a brainstorming session

Tip #2: Prioritize your activities

Tip #3: Set actionable monthly goals

Tip #4: Outline a plan of small tasks you can take every single day

Tip #5: Choose a specific time of day for when you’ll work on business tasks



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giving back

We founded the graze school of farming in rural Uganda as a way of graze giving something back.


Quote of the Day:


“It’s about being fearlessly and relentlessly true to yourself.”





Greg Nielson & Ben Sutton from Mazuma USA




Introduction:  Ben Sutton & Greg Nielson


Tell why and how they became accountants.


Getting a partnership that worked is what made the business model possible.


What does Biz4Good mean to you?


It is why Mazuma was created.  Economy crunch, entrepreneurs cannot afford financial services, based on a monthly subscription.  Small businesses were underrepresented.  All get the same level of service, for the same price, which is reasonable.


Provide monthly reports and tax returns for a monthly rate.  Critical function for small business owners to get their basic financials handled.  The real fulfillment is providing a service that is really needed in the market.  The value provided, creates a great business exchange.


Some accounting firms shoot for bigger companies.  But, get fewer clients overall.


To summarize:  Biz4Good means provide a service to customers, and it will come back to you.


We looked at how many more people can we help.  Provide a good quality product, that has extreme amount of value, and focus on that; instead of how much money you are going to make.


Making it affordable.  Getting the priorities in order.


Better Business makes all the Difference.


Make something of value….and, give it to folks.  Find out what they want.  Success Happens!


Gimics wear out.  Not sustainable.  Must offer a valuable product or service.


Got much further, and be more stable.


What’s in store for Mazuma?  Growth?  What’s next?


So many small business owners…huge percentage 0-10 employees make up the majority of businesses out there.  They are not accountants.


Sad the government makes taxes so hard you have to hire an accountant.  They are making enough money to pay themselves, but not a huge empire.  Not as much to spend on tax and accounting services.  Roll the dice, and just pray.  Generally Accepted Practice for Small Business.


A way to set up a system for all 20 million business owners.  Our Vision & Goal.


Build that service and system.  Wow!!!!


For $75 a month.  (The highest plan is $125.) Business & Personal Taxes.


What am I getting?


Client sends bank statements and credit card statements every month.  Or they can download them from your bank.   Human accountants and bookkeepers decide on categories.  Reconcile bank account every month.  Provide a profit and loss accounting each month.  Payroll.  $50 per month more.  Direct deposit to employees and everything.


Providing same service as big firm, for less.


Everyone is assigned to a CPA.  A real person.  And, a bookkeeper.  Tax discussion call at the start. They have a good picture, and ask questions to clarify.  Tax Planning Discussion.  Good financial picture of where you are at.  We want to optimize their tax plan.  No extra fees for needing extra information.


No brainer for small businesses!


It’s all about getting the right people to do the right things.  #BeGoodDoGood




Different than accounting has ever been done.  Uniformity.


You can do amazing things with systems!


All extra “wacky” questions, like Bobby asks, are included in the flat rate.



Silver Bullet?


In business, we are always looking for the magic.  What is going to make my business dream come true?


We deal with so many small businesses, and get that question all the time.  There is no silver bullet.  Spoiler Alert….  It goes back to biz hacks.  There is no substitute for making the plan, and yes, working to make your business go.


Everyone is willing to sell you a silver bullet.  Haha!!!


It’s probably too good to be true.  You are hoping.  You’re dying, juggling.  What will bring in 50 more clients every day.  But, you are going to have to go thru the process.


You can’t know where you’ve been or where  you are going without methods.


Instead of silver bullets, look for the stepping stones.  Turn them into steps.


That inform future decisions about your business.  Nothing is going to relieve you from all your business problems, but look for the next opportunity that might help you learn.  One way or the other.  Knowledge will inform the next decision(s).


Comes back to B4G…following something you love.  Keep doing it even after it gets hard.  THAT’S SHOW BIZ!!!!



Your passion can’t be tied to money.  Instead tie it to people.  Something they need.  That is how it will last.


Thanks Greg & Ben, for being on the show!  The biz is consistently doubling every year.


Wow!  Wow!  Wow!


Find Mazuma USA on social media.  Monthly webinars.  Information to help entrepreneurs!


Use Biz4Good as the promo code on their website and get a special offer.





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