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Ep28 Is franchising small business? With ALEXIS HAYES COURTNEY

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Episode 28: Our guest this week on the #Biz4GoodShow is:  ALEXIS HAYES COURTNEY: Is franchising small business?

Her Mission: To show the world how to overcome their fears and succeed in their own business, in order to create financial freedom for families.


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The Best 5 Business Hacks You’ve Never Heard of That Will Change Your Game


  1. Write down your fears not goals.
  2. Be Wrong
  3. Delegate things your good at
  4. Be strategically lazy, and find your multiplier
  5. Time is not money



Alexis offered some great tips for entrepreneurs in all of these areas, like facing your fears, accepting responsibility, how to make your time more productive, and other counter-intuitive suggestions/advice for entrepreneurs.


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One of the hardest decisions you’ll ever face in life is choosing whether to walk away or try harder.


Discussion about being able to stop something when necessary.

Elon believed in what he was doing.


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Interview with Alexis Courtney:


Alexis shares her background. (see her bio below)


What does Biz4Good mean to you?


Once she started looking at businesses.  Hated scrapbooking, but heard you could make money at it.  She didn’t do it.  She went to a hair salon called Cookie Cutters for kids haircare. After research, this was the best option.  Opened two more within the year.


Now running business.  It’s good like teaching.  Community-based…like special needs children who need special care.  Helping different types of kids and needs.  Making people’s work life better, as well.  Selling stores to their managers.  They become business owners, as well.


Not just cutting people’s hair.  Found a need, and filled that need.  The real place where you can do the best.


Title of this show is:  Franchising Small Business


It’s a franchise, but a small business.  There was one store they bought, they expanded, even during the recession of 2008.  And, now have expanded.


Biggest things she learned.  Her husband wanted to promote more, like placards on their car.  Alexis had to learn how to deal with the thought that You are Your Brand.  People like knowing processes and procedures.  There are expensive franchises, so thinking about doing your own thing is important.


Find the culture that fits you.  The employees and managers you work with make the difference.


Truthfully, you have a better chance of succeeding when owning a franchise.  The systems and processes are already in place.


There are franchise representatives in every state that can help with an assessment for you!


Alexis take on Fear:


When thinking about the idea of buying a franchise.  Felt pressure.  Wasn’t sure the whole time.  Believe in Yourself.  That is how Alexis did it.  You have to do a lot of hard work, and get over your fears that will come up constantly.  Network, and be a part of a great support group.


Not the ones that are trying to sell you things.  When it is a good group who are interested in you, it is a great way to do business!



Tips or Advice to Get Started:


A ton of research has to be done that is NOT on the Internet.  Not possible.  Important to have a consultant to connect you with the right people.  There is a developer who works on your behalf.  Listen to get the special, and most important, advice about choosing one here.


Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids:



Get in touch with Alexis:





We learned so much!  Thanks Alexis, for all the incredible information.  #BeGoodDoGood



Alexis Hayes Courtney (bio)


Alexis was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. She attended East High School where she was a swimmer and water polo player. She received a scholarship to swim and play water polo at Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania where her team won the Division 1 National Championship in 1995. Alexis graduated in Mathematics Education and taught 7th through 11th grade in Utah and Michigan. After eight years of teaching she walked into a hair salon called Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids to get her daughter’s haircut. It only took this one experience for her to know she wanted to be a part of the brand. She and her husband bought the store in Draper, Utah and have opened six other stores and have overseen the opening of another three stores in Utah. In December of 2014 Alexis and her husband, Neal, were approached by the Franchisor and asked if they would buy the Cookie Cutters Franchise Company for the United States. Alexis and Neal now run Cookie Cutters Franchising and Alexis also works with FranNet, a franchise match making company, to help others become educated about the franchise industry. FranNet allows Alexis to combine her background in education with her business skills to help people have the same success in franchising by choosing the franchises that match their values and motives.