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Ep27 Paint the Universe with Love (pink, purple, red, & yellow)

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This week on the #Biz4GoodShow:
#CassieSwirls: Creativity and Charity

Live Streamed on Facebook & YouTube August 3, 2017
We are excited to have Cassie, and her mother Linda, on the show all the way from Australia! Bringing the Good in the World to You…


Cassie is a 5 year old who has a passion for painting. She loves working with acrylic and glitter. She has been a professional artist since the age of 3 and has featured on national television as well as international websites.

Original paintings are now sold through our Etsy store:


Interview with CassieSwirls & Linda Gee:


Biz4GoodShow is International.  Live from Sidney, Australia.


Cassie looks like she wants to be going back to sleep.  It’s 6am in Australia.


We have CassieSwirls art in the studio.  You can see it in the picture to the left.


Everyone’s Excited.  We can see Cassie’s art in the video.


Cassie gives a thumbs up….they love pizza. (pizza icon pops up on their end)


Bobby insists on having cold pizza.  Linda agrees, and thinks her husband would…especially, for breakfast.


What gave them the charity idea?  To give proceeds from Cassie’s art to charity.



Cassie is who came up with the idea to give donations for her art to charity.


Got the idea of helping people and using the profits she earned to donate to charities, so that disadvantaged people could take advantage of her talent, and art.


Linda tells the story of how the idea started out.


She said, “Can I send bottles of water to children who don’t have water?”


A friend in Cambodia builds water tanks for the schools there, so the children could have clean water.  This was their first donation.  They sent a picture with the children and the water tank.


Why did Cassie think that was a good idea?  Because they didn’t have enough water.


What does Biz4Good mean to you?


She wants to know who asked that question?  Ryan….the magic person over there.


Linda says, everyone needs to have this vision.  Especially, shareholders and those who tend to look at only the money. Making sure you do business for the right reasons. We need to keep that in perspective.  It’s not just about making money.


Bobby says, “if you focus on the good, the money comes”.


Making doing good a priority, and working with others who have the same ideas; keeping everything in perspectives.


Thousands of business podcasts, but hardly any talk about the good being done in the world.  But, we all know it’s everywhere.  When we do good it spreads to everybody!


The echo gets a little outa control here….sorry!  We are live INTERNATIONAL.


Bobby tells how they found CassieSwirls doing good in the world.  Then, Bobby had to have a painting!


Thank You, Cassie!


Cassie wants to send another painting, and asked what color we like.


What’s your favorite colors to paint with, Cassie?


Pink, Purple, and Red….and Yellow!


Pink, Purple & Yellow are her absolute favorite color.


What’s next for CassieSwirls?


Started as a fun exercise, which has turned into a life love.  If she enjoys doing it, she can continue. Next year Cassie starts school. Still another six months til then.


How do we find out more?


Etsy is a site where CassieSwirls original paintings are available.


Also, her website CassieSwirls.!


Often, as soon as a new painting is available, it’s sold.  And, they have to package it up.  Linda set the price low, so they would be accessible for everyone.  Not a business background, all of this is new, so Linda enjoyed hearing a little mentorship from Bobby about the price.  Supply and Demand.


Doing something so cool to reach so many people.  It’s a good time with the Internet, how many people from across the world they are making friends with and the Internet has made it happen.


Ryan found Cassie on the Internet looking for people doing good things in the world.


Going viral is about being genuine, real….and….haha!! Cassie is jumping on the couch in the background.  So Good to Be Doing Good in the World.


We’ve got the real action here!  Cassie up and active at 6:19am.



What do you think about the possibility of school taking away Cassie’s creativity?


Schools have some conformity about it.  But, we need to do what we are told.  Creativity is a part of who we are, and they can’t take that away.  Being able to explore who they are.  And, why we love kids.  Staying like little children; it’s still the same world.




Paint the Universe with Love (pink, purple, red, & yellow)



Studio News from Across the Globe:


Ryan is in awe, and a little star-struck.  Thanks CassieSwirls, and Linda!



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The Good News – 91 year old inspires thousands


An American woman who decided to take a road trip across the United States instead of undergoing cancer treatment has died at the age of 91.

Norma Jean Bauerschmidt’s travels have been followed by more than 400,000 people on the Facebook page “Driving Miss Norma”, which posted pictures and accounts of her journey.

Ms Bauerschmidt’s daughter-in-law Ramie, who set up the Facebook page, wrote that Ms Bauerschmidt had decided to take the trip last year after being diagnosed with uterine cancer and told by her doctor that surgery, radiation and chemotherapy were unlikely to treat the illness

“We have driven the RV nearly 13,000 miles and slept in over 75 different locations in 32 states.

“Miss Norma has experienced more ‘firsts’ than we can count. Big things, like riding in a hot air balloon or on a horse, to little things like getting a pedicure or having her first taste of key lime pie, oysters and fried green tomatoes. She has had her hair done by ten different stylists and has crossed the time zones 9 times (I think.) *See her photos on the website and the her Facebook page. Truly living her life to the fullest!

Quote of the Day:


A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch but on its wings. Always believe in yourself.


Quote of the Day – Wings

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