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Ep26 What really matters EFL360 Founders Round table

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Biz4GoodShow with the EFL360 Roundtable

Biz4GoodShow subject matter idea: Discuss how trust fits into creating businesses that do good and are also successful and sustainable. Why is trust so important. How is it earned or created? How is it lost? How does trust interact with accountability? Is trust one of those things that REALLY MATTER and REALLY WORK in successful small businesses? “Accountability advances credibility”

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It might have been the protein drink Bobby had….No lack of energy today!

Bobby loves spicey and hot food, but THAT WAS INSANE.  There’s hot, then there’s Firey Lava!  Tells story of worst Wing Challenge ever email that went around.  (hehe)


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EFL360 Founders Roundtable – Welcome!

Serious Moment:  90 minute daily challenge.

Ryan found this video and played it every day for a month.  It inspires!  Plays Video:  See it on the Biz4Good Facebook page.


Good News Segment

Why belly rubs can be the best therapy

Telly the therapy dog shows these youth how to trust and be trustworthy.

Quote of the Day:

It all begins and ends in your mind.  What you give power to, has power over you, If you allow it.

If you are looking for problems you are going to find them.

Here’s the Show!  The Big Show?



This has all been about what really works.  They talk about creating trust.

Accountability Advances Credibility – Bobby loves it.

Why is Trust Important?

Kevin recommends creating trust with your customers on a very real level.  You have to make it a point to get to know your customers.  What constitutes building trust?

Bobby’s ‘77 Camaro story.  Transmission out.  Seemed like a lot of money.  Dad said get a second opinion.  Bobby found out that the transmission was fine.  And later noticed the first place had gone out of business.

Be persistent in product and service quality.  –Ryan

So many promises out there that do not work.  You have to do what you say.

6 month money back guarantee.  However, you had to do this that and the other to get the guarantee. Is it worth the results?  Making hard claims like this…it seems they don’t trust their customers.  – Kevin

Gimic to get your attention.  People get taken advantage of.  Need stipulations to keep clients from taking advantage of you.

So many causes, people, and organizations screaming for attention.  What does it mean to be trustworthy?  How do we create trust?  Think about it.  Are you trustworthy?  Do you deliver?  Any kind of inaction denotes credibility issues.  Are you creating a culture of trust?  Emotion plays into business.  A common denominator in business is TRUST.  – Jay

Accelerate the speed of trust.  Accelerate Business Growth.

It all goes back to doing Good.  If you are doing good for the customer, they will trust you.


Doing good things connects everything.  If it’s noise, a lie, “bullcrap” (Bobby) – not good.

Fundamental element people don’t talk about.

Example:  Incredible content “click here”…if it’s not there, you erode the credibility.

Accountability.  “It’s not my fault” How do you take it?

If a customer pays me to deliver, whose fault is it if you don’t deliver.  They don’t care!

It’s the person who bombs fault.  You are the one on the line.

They appreciate when you take accountability.  Own it.  Take Responsibility, and come up with a solution.  This is where the credibility kicks in.

Problems Happen.  Take issues seriously.  Take action.

Ryan’s story.  The power of being accountable for a problem.

Jay says it’s important to communicate.

Trust breeds brand loyalty.  Maintain trust by being accountable.  Accountability can be achieved by communication.  Offer up solutions!

Ryan is still waiting….

Give customers an option, so they feel like they have a choice.

Causing issues and toil…Integrity is all Important.

You cannot have a successful, sustainable or profitable business without trust.

Revenue is king.  Not doing the crash and run, repeat.  Business model.

No long term loyal customers.

#BeGoodDoGood   In the world at large is trust.  So much of life, hurt, aspects of life that are troubling is where we have lost trust.  Trust is so fundamental.  It is an ingredient in all relationships.  Circles of Life.  Always doing business with people.  People want to be able to trust.  Broken trust causes problems.

“I Jay, need to be trustworthy and create trust individually” – Jay Taylor

As leaders, we need to create trust.  If we can’t trust the boss….it’s not gonna happen!


Haha….buck doesn’t stop here (you’d have to be there….listen/watch the show)

Talk to your employees.

Create a space of trust in your organization.

Strategic partners, vendors, EVERYONE!

TRUST IS PERVASIVE.  Like oxygen or water, you cannot survive without it.  – Jay

A happy customer = a bottom line.  –Kevin

It pays for people to be happy with what you do.

What’s up for next month?  EFL360

August/September –  we are looking at tactics and marketing strategies.  What we are doing, where we are going?

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What works.  What matters.  How to create a difference!

Cassie Swirls and her Mom Linda on the show next week.


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