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Ep25 Wing Coop 11 Challenge Road Trip – Pain for Good

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#Biz4GoodShow  7-20-17  The Wing Challenge….B4G Road Trip


Biz Hack: 7 surprising career moves to avoid

13 Unique online stores Doing Good

Quote of the Day! Every day you have an opportunity to become a happier version of yourself

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Today:  A Wing Challenge


Ryan explains how this episode came about.  Bobby likes hot stuff.  To eat hot stuff.  Anyway, Ryan met Shawnee the creator of Team 8 an anti-bullying cause for awareness.  Bobby is going to eat 11 hot wings in 11 minutes for the cause.  Learn more about Humans of SLC.  They highlighted Shawnee’s work.  We will have more on that soon!

On the road:  Ryan has links!

Biz Hack:  7 surprising career moves to avoid.

Good News Story:  13 unique online stores that are doing good.

Ryan and Advocate Tees are working on an anti-bullying concert.  All of the synchronicity is from doing good in the world.

Biz4Good Road Trip!  (haha…stuck in traffic)

Quote of the Day:  The best part about life every morning you have an opportunity to become a happier version of yourself.

The Wing Challenge:

Bobby was able to ingest a total of 4 hotwings.  Ouch!

It is confirmed, we will be interviewing Shawnee and Team8 at Wing Coop in SLC tomorrow at our 2pm broadcast. Wing coop will be hosting the 11 hot wing challenge by eating 11 EXTREMELY HOT wings in 11 Minutes all for a good cause!! #begooddogood #hotwings

Get ready folks for our Wing Coop 11 Challenge
“Mouth numbing, panic inducing, eye Watering mind blazing, inferno.” All for a good cause!!