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Ep23 Decisions Determine Destiny: Jennifer Russell Whittaker

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Biz4GoodShow with Guest Jennifer Russell Whittaker

#Biz4GoodShow Live! with special guest: Jennifer Russell Whittaker Decisions Determine Destiny!

“Self Confidence is the most attractive quality a person can have. How can anyone see how awesome you are if you can’t see it yourself?” #BeGoodDoGood


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 Ryan Shares:

9 Strategies for Busy Entrepreneurs

  1. Breathe
  2. Exercise
  3. Sleep More, Sleep More Better
  4. Eat Right Stuff
  5. Human Interaction
  6. Get Outside
  7. Love Your Space, Create Your Space
  8. Treat Yourself, Celebrate Little Wins
  9. Check in with Your Mindset

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This is my life…my story…my book.  I will no longer let anyone else write it; nor will I apologize for the edits I make.  – Steve Maraboli

B4G Good News:

Sex Trafficking is real.  The problem is now being addressed.

Lessons from the Master….The 8 Wisdoms:

For them to work, you have to be accountable yourself.  Will talk about this at the EFL360 meeting today.  Be responsible for your actions.  Don’t give yourself excuses.  Get accountability partners, and advisory board, or special mentor…

Interview with Jennifer Russell Whittaker:

Being kinder to yourself and you will be kinder to others.

What Biz4Good means to Jennifer:   Meeting Ryan & Bobby was amazing, sharing energy and open hearts.  Because of companies like this society works.  It takes a village. And, we need everyone!  Biz4Good makes the world a better place.

Doing business isn’t just about making money.  It has much to do with accountability.  Higher level of satisfaction, when doing things for a reason.  Does this make you happy?

When asked to come do this podcast, was excited about talking about what she has a passion about.  Work doesn’t feel like work.  There are still stressful times, and hard moments.  You thrive, or you don’t.  Everyone has their niche, what they love.  If everyone could say, “This is Mine”.


Why do you do what you do?

“One Fine Day” movie.  Holding all these balls, if someone takes just one…I’ll drop them all.


If you want something done, go to someone who seems so busy.  It defines me.

I love what I do, it helps me reinforce my model for life.  You can be as amazing and wonderful as you want to be.  Don’t let the world define you.  CONFIDENCE. CONFIDENCE. CONFIDENCE.

If you could teach your models one thing, it is that Photoshop can fix anything.

Do everything with power and confidence.  No one knows you are new, nervous, etc.

Not egotism and arrogance.  Ego is a poor substitute for confidence.

Everybody had to start somewhere.  Doesn’t matter how big you get.

When you become rich and famous, remember you are there because you have stood on shoulders of giants.  Don’t ever stop being grateful.

Send that out into the universe.  More people are willing to help you succeed if you are grateful.

I am the only me that exists.  You are the most unique thing in the universe.  When you realize how powerful each of us are, the Sky’s the Limit.  – Bobby

You want to do something wonderful and great with your life.  Everyone has that potential.

Every advertisement you see; everyone looks different.  Helps us embrace who we are.

Models eventually have to retire. Life is not over.  Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Define who you are.  You define who you are by what you do.

Powerful aha for all of us.


And, why Jennifer does make up.  Wanted to be a dermatologist.  Went to make up school.  Working with skin.  First version is a best version. I haven’t changed who you are, I just brought out the best in you.

Eleanor Roosevelt is the person Jennifer would want to be if had a chance.  Her life story is amazing, alcoholic father, had to go to finishing school because mom didn’t think she was pretty enough to get a man, she was humorous, articulate, and knew what she wanted.  That is what Teddy saw in her.

You have to decide what’s inside.  You are not who you were when you were 20.

Would love to have a conversation with today.

Someone alive today that she would like to meet and talk to is George W. Bush.  Read his book and know he had to make tough decisions, and did a great job.  Great political leaders.  Great actors and actresses.

If you can dream it, you can do it.  –Walt Disney

Jennifer’s grandfather had a book with his name on it at Disneyland.  Immortalized J

Thanks Jennifer.  What a Wonderful Interview!

More info….Stars Talent Studio in Sandy, Utah

Find Jennifer on Facebook, she does make up by request.

About Jennifer:

Jennifer Russell Whittaker is a modeling and pageant coach, professional certified Makeup Artist, Public Speaker, three time, 2 state pageant winner, wife, mother of three, and lover of all things Nutella. Jennifer began modeling years ago when she was discovered by one of Utah’s renowned modeling agencies. She has loved the doors this opportunity has opened for her. She has starred in national commercials, had her pictures at gyms and on billboards and other print ads. In June of 2016 she was asked to coach models. Her favorite thing about teaching modeling to the next generation of beautiful people, outside of meeting amazing, gorgeous, talented individuals is teaching them to always love themselves and to be confident. She also teaches them to never forget the Giants shoulders they stood on to get where they are in their lives, to always have gratitude to all those that have helped them get where they are and will continue to help them achieve success- your never too “big” to be kind and grateful!

Jennifer certified and trained to be a professional make up artist in the great city of Los Angeles California. She met some amazing people while there and learned to hone her craft. She loves working with individuals and businesses here in Utah as needed with their make up needs. Occasionally, Jennifer will freelance for Lancôme the cosmetic company as a professional make up artist when they need her at certain large events.

As a public speaker, Jennifer travels around speaking to young women and women around the state of Utah about finding their light and beauty and not being afraid to show off and share that light with others. She teaches that beauty comes in many sizes, shapes and forms and we are all created to be amazing and wonderful! “In order to be irreplaceable, one must be different.” Coco Chanel.

In her spare time, Jenifer enjoys running, weightlifting, reading any book that uplifts and educates her, and spending time with her 3 wonderful children and her handsome husband who she lovingly refers to as her Captain America.