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Ep21 Recruiting for Good: Brett Evanson Founder and CTO of Smart Rhino Labs

Posted by on Jun 22, 2017 in Season1 |

Recruiting for Good: Brett Evanson is Founder and CTO of Smart Rhino Labs, a company focused on marketing services for recruiters. We operate job sites where we match job applicants with jobs. We operate in transportation, healthcare, customer service, and more industries to come.

Smart Rhino Labs does marketing services for recruiters.  It’s fun stuff.

Masters Degree from BYU and began doing freelance work, so has never had a real job.

Where they got the name for Smart Rhino Labs:

Four founding partners who are still working for the company, and liked having an animal as a part of the name.  Rhinos are powerful.  Someone thought maybe rhinos are dumb.  What if you had a smart rhino?  The lab idea just evolved from there.

What Biz 4 Good means:

When starting Smart Rhino Labs, we were trying to find a beginning point.  Most solutions are tech heavy, or technology solutions that enable communications.  But, how to make it easier to communicate? There is a Biz4Good way to make it better for the job applicants and the employers.  Choices they have made to not exploit the job applicants.  In doing so they provide a better value to the applicant.

Companies they work with:

10 of the top 10 trucking companies.  Fed Ex and JB Hunt.  Also, Uber.

How many people do they place?

12.8 million job applicants have gone through their site.  Treating them like a human being, giving them an experience, not just pushing them through the system.

A team of 200+ recruiters who play matchmakers between applicants and companies.

Businesses not focusing on the good, they tend to go out of business.

When first getting started, there were people asking why they priced more expensive. They could explain why they don’t do things that dilute the attention of the consumer.

Number of Pain Points:

For the recruiter, as well as the applicant.

Focused on what was really important.  A slippery slope might be to add how many.  A fine line between making it a good experience for the applicant.

Lean has helped us be agile.  Notifications and text messages, and pre-recorded voice conversations.  Began with a test pilot.  Have a good environment for employees to work.

Happy employees are what makes happy customers.  One partner was meticulous about the culture at the work environment.

Not about just treating the clients good, but also is about treating the employees well.  Many of their employees work from home, one month they had to hire 150 employees.  They hired 48 employees in one day, and most of those are still with them.

Changing how processes run, so they are more efficient for the job applicant, as well as the recruiter.  The statistics of the number of applicants getting talked to by recruiters is an area they are changing the way things are being done in the industry.  Good Job!