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Ep20 Granny Branding – The 6 Lessons Your Grandma Can Teach You – David Politis

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Highlights from David Politis on the Biz4GoodShow:

David shared his personal history and trials in his early life.

Dr. Madson (author) he saw speak in college shared,

3 Things:

  1. Do something you are good at.
  2. Do something you enjoy.
  3. You can change the world with, while supporting your family.

He thought he wanted to be a doctor, until a bad teacher for Physics.  He asked himself all the questions. The courses he enjoyed most were in Mass Communication.

What does it mean to do good business?

Business isn’t inherently evil.  Based on decisions leaders make.  He believes capitalism is a good system that works, allowing for choices.

25-30 million small businesses in the U.S. today.  300+ in the world.

Freedom and ability to do what really gets you charged up!

If you choose to be an entrepreneur, you can do that.

It means people will buy products or services.

Pain & Pleasure – generate sales.

McDonalds as an example of being sure you will get the same product no matter where.

Legal Structure (non-profits are not the only companies doing good in the world)

For profits have the ability to do more social good.

B-Corporations  (benefit)

Good tips in David’s book, “66 Rules for Publicity Success”   Link to Amazon

Find David @

Write down your idea in as much detail as possible.

Take it to your friends and neighbors to get feedback.

It’s like an Elevator Pitch in the investment world.

The idea is to get questions answered and learn more.

Subject matter experts.  You can change your business. If it’s a small start up, bring in an addition $500 per month

Check out the Video of the Interview

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Granny Branding: The 6 Lessons Your Grandma Can Teach You (and your Company) for Marketing & Sales Success
What’s great about grandmothers is they combine the wisdom of experience with a mother’s love. But a granny’s insights can also be applied to your own personal branding, messaging and positioning, as well as to all aspects of marketing and sales for your company. Granny Branding is a funny yet straightforward presentation from award-winning marketing and publicity consultant, David Politis, a presentation driven by the head-shaking epiphany David’s mother-in-law taught him. This experience transformed his entire approach to marketing and communications and led David to create campaigns that produced over $700 million in new sales opportunities and over $1.1 billion in increased corporate value for his clients.

David’s book — 66 RULES for Publicity Success: Boost Your Company’s Value For Pennies On The Dollar — is available in both paperback and Kindle versions via Amazon.…/dp/0692786767/ref=sr_1_1_twi_pap_2…

CONTACT: David Politis, The David Politis Company, 801-556-8184(c),,,,