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Ep 36 Hitting the Mark – How Accuracy and Precision help you hit the center of your business targets and goals.

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Episode 36:  David Kaylor   “Hitting the Mark – How Accuracy and Precision help you hit the center of your business targets and goals.”




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Episode 36:  David Kaylor “Hitting the Mark – How Accuracy and Precision help you hit the center of your business targets and goals.”


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Biz Hack Segment:


5 Ultra Simple Leadership Hacks That Can Help Anyone


1. Make Someone Else The Hero

2. Do What You Say You’re Going To Do When You Say You’re Going To Do It

3. Focus On Outcomes

4. Look People In The Eye

5. Smile


Dave says it’s time for us to bring more heros into the workplace.  People want to do business with people they can depend on.  Focus on the positive and not always on the obstacles.  As a speaker you need to get eye contact.  That is the way you connect.  Connecting to one person is a ripple, and everybody feels it.  Smiling is a magical thing, and there is science behind it.  It comes down to really powerful things are not rocket science…they are actually quite simple.  Profound.  It’s not hard.


Ryan found this…it was a church thing, but applies to life and business, as well.


Good News Segment


Ryan Shares this from the Biz4GoodShow:

These past couple of weeks I personally have been learning the truth of this statement “Finding the light in the darkness” It is pretty clear to those we interview, interact with that we all have our trials, that we all face fears, doubts and dark times. But we have been blessed to hear how much good is being done! This week our nation suffered a mind blowing and numbing experience with the recent shooting in Las Vegas. I can not nor can we even understand the pain, and horrific experience they have suffered through. We stand with them, their families and friends with our hearts in prayer and a hopeful heart that the healing can now begin. Finding the light in the darkness is our primary aim, our number one objective, The Biz4Good Show was created to focus on the good being done, the love being shown. We have all been blessed to hear the heroic nature of citizens jumping into action in the shooting and being brave and even those willing to sacrifice their own lives for another. Though there is darkness these moments highlight the light and goodness we see in our human family. From the B4G family our prayers and love go out to all those that are suffering. Peace through good works always. God Bless



Do everything with so much love in your heart that you would never want to do it any other way.


Episode 36:


David Kaylor has over 25 years in business administration and entrepreneurial experience, and his passion is to marry both the mindset and the skillset needed for success. He’s climbed the corporate ladder and has also built several businesses from the ground up, providing both business savvy and leadership skills to his clients with a depth that is a rare find. His greatest thrill comes from seeing others remember who they truly are as the rocket fuel that propels them to their goals and dreams.  You’ll recognize Mr. Kaylor by his hallmarks of Accuracy and Precision, the two key elements in achieving your goals and creations every time. David’s wide emotional range (and great impersonation talents) will have you laughing, crying, connecting, and determined to act!


Interview Segment:


Dave tells about his background and how he got into business.  Selling his company moving across the country.  Diagnosed with Hodgkins (a form of cancer), he decided to spend his time on survival and spending time with his family.  What he created after he knew he was going to survive (a cancer survivor).  He didn’t feel like a victim anymore.  He became such a good survivor, and ran business to help others to survive.  His mindset was still not of a survivor.  Was just getting by, but never really created all he was meant to create.

A couple of years ago he received a reminder of what he was supposed to do in this life.  Ironically, he taught people how to be accurate and precise.  More indepth description of how accuracy and precision are different, and how to be both.

He had a passion for helping other people.  How to truly create and stop just surviving.

What does Biz4Good mean to you?

Dave thanks the B4G show for focusing on the good, because it’s what is missing in business.  Two points that came to Dave’s mind is #1 Connecting.  Truly connecting and seeing the greatness in other individuals and become successful as entrepreneurs.  A product or service that helps others create what they were supposed to in their lives.


What is Dave doing now?  What businesses are you involved in now?

He added to his coaching business.  Aligning himself with other business mentors, to help others realize they can overcome trials and obstacles that come up in life.  Life Changing.

Accountability.  Take responsibility, rather than pointing fingers.

Dave speaks specifically about a particular business he focuses on individuals who are older and want to leave their mark.  It’s not what they’ve done that bothers them, it’s what is left undone.  Dave helps them find a way to leave a legacy.

Another organization focuses on connections between health and offer coaching and educational experiences to learn life skills to create the life they want.

He was looking for more, and learned to jump ship in an effort to survive by doing more.

Still speaks at survival events, but focuses on wealth instead.  Great Message.

The keys to accuracy and precision….Listen to the Show on

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Coachers and Mentors event at Legacy:

Monthly Event:  $99  (listen to get the details)

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You can tell Dave has passion about his mission.  Thanks for being on the show!



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