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Ep 34 Financial Promise to the Marketplace With Brenda Benalcazar & Adam Farfan

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Episode 34: Brenda Benalcazar & Adam Farfan


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“Financial Promise to the Marketplace”

Brenda Benalcazar & Adam Farfan from Elite Hathaway on the #Biz4GoodShow podcast


Dive Deeper in just a moment to find out more about Elite Hathaway.


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Biz Hack:

Finding the Want in Business….Does your customer want it?

All entrepreneurs believe they have this great thing that everyone needs, but if they don’t want it. It doesn’t matter. You’re not going to be able to sell your product or service.

Find what people are actually looking for.

Brenda, Adam, Ryan & Bobby give their input.


Adam says people try to create a need or desire, but it’s best to look at what they are already needing.  Fill that need.  Key to becoming a billionaire:  Find the biggest problem and fix it.

Brenda is looking for people that are looking for her.  Those are people who are looking for financial services.  I am the how that can get them where they need to go.


Marketing is easier  when they are looking for you…and, a lot cheaper.

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Quote of the Day:


“The temptation to quit will be greatest just before you are about to quit.”


Interview Segment:


Powerfully amazing guests taking the world by storm.

Brenda Benalcazar & Adam Farfan from Elite Hathaway #Biz4GoodShow

Financial Promise to the Marketplace


What motivates Adam?  He says he is not motivated by money or books, but people and what they can do.

Grew up in SLC.  Had a story about when he was 16 years old a guy from his church, (grew up Mormon) who didn’t want to talk to his dad about church, but financial services!  To be honest, it should have dull and boring. He thought he could get out of school if he could learn how to do this business! He asked this guy to teach him everything.  Learned habits of financially successful people.


What really changed for me was a mentor when he was 18. He taught him so much about business and personal habits, taking it to the next level.

Recently launched Elite Hathaway to teach others how to become financially secure.  Creating financial agents.  Help people who haven’t had a lot of training, education or experience.  Teach middle class what the wealthy have been doing for a long time.


Wow!  So Cool….and, Needed in the World.


Brenda tells about her experience in financial consultation, and helping others pursue their dreams.  Brenda met the folks at Elite Hathaway at a recent entrepreneur meeting, and now has been getting mentoring to become a leader in the industry.  What she likes the most about the program is that the client is the focus, to ensure their goals and dreams are met.


The question we love to ask, because it’s what the show is all about.


What does Biz4Good mean to you?


Adam, how does this relate to you.  (as he is unmuted….hehe gotta love technology)


People are looking for information.  Entrepreneurs can implement things in their own business to help solve problems, but you can look at what your competition is doing.  “Nothing wrong with being a copy cat, is if you copy the right cat.”  Anything that makes you a better person.  Education and Awareness.  So important.


Talking about doing good for other people.  This show is exciting by bringing people together that want to do good in the world.


Self improvement meets finances.  Adam comes from a good place, she feels the values align so much better with her values….writing books, speaking, talking to so many people, teaching them about finances.  Everyone learns something!  The presentations help people to understand finances…like 401(k).


Couldn’t we have money during our life?  That would be good too!

Brenda agrees this is possible.


Adam speaks to the future.  Predictability.  If you eat crappy food every day….got figure.  What we do every single day is what allows you to have a bright future.  Put Your Shades On!


Work Hard.  But, also work smart.   We are a growing company, we keep breaking records every month.  Not just a promising marketplace.  What’s important is what people get out of it.  How people feel is the key.  It’s not just a billion dollar company, their culture makes them different.


The reward behind the money made, there is a family being helped.  EXCELLENT….

Being that company that people remember having a good experience with.


Bobby says, the future depends on now.


Hunting – dream….that’s all they do.  When this happens, then I will ….

Get off your butt and off the couch.  Just do it.

Without action now, no future.


At the end of the day, how do you want people to remember you?

Brenda would like people to remember how she made them feel. Able to add value, educate you.  It’s about their legacy and leaving something to their families. Getting your financial life on point can affect their retirement, and their children’s children.  Adding value for generations.  Getting folks on this path.


Adam wants people to say they are better people by their association with Elite Hathaway.  We are not perfect, but our hearts are in the right place.  Don’t do anything that you would want them to do to your sisters or mother.  Good advice as a young man.  It’s what we are committed to.  Our company can say our hearts are in the right place.  It’s about the Culture.


Ryan has one more question:  Dabbling in finances, and learned about recruiting and assisting.  Can people become licensed. Is there a specific process?


Adam says you don’t need someone to tell you how to make a lot of money.


Ryan has a Question:

Recruiting & Assisting?  To get licensed?  Is there a certain process?


Adam says if you are listening:  all we do is show what the wealthy have done for a long time.   For instance, a 401(k)…Adam offers some advice.  Seriously deep knowledge….LISTEN at


Walt Disney funded Disneyland with some of the same products.  We are looking for people who want to get trained to do this.  Financial Services is the highest paid, but hardest to make money in.  So regulated.  We’ve made it easier.  Instead of years, it takes months to get up to speed.  You will have a mentor to help you.


Agents are learning from some of the most successful people in the world.  Learn what works.  Most connected and nobody does what they do.  This platform takes you to the next level.


Adam Farfan at Elite Hathaway  – check out the website:


Brenda has a phone number to call:  (801) 874-2017  (she can get you started on what Adam shared)





Brenda Benalcazar is an entrepreneur, writer, artist and licensed wealth coach with Elite Hathaway. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago Illinois. She is very passionate about educating people about money and teaching strategies and concepts to grow, protect and accumulate wealth. She works with individuals, families, professional athletes, corporations, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs all across the nation. She has been personally mentored by Mr. Adam Farfan, CEO of Elite Hathaway and is excited about learning from such an icon in the industry. She lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with her two children.

Adam Farfan started with a simple internship at the age of 16. Shortly after turning age 18, he opened his 1st company–Brandman Financial. Adam’s premium company consulted for businesses globally by re-engineering their financial services sales divisions, including his own. Well-known for exemplifying a world-class lifestyle, Adam’s greatest passion is to lead others to transform them into remarkably successful leaders too.

His clients? Entertainment/Film Industry Celebrities, Pro-Athletes, Non-Profit Organizations, 500 INC CEO’s, Forbes Rated Companies, & more.

Having a cutting-edge financial expertise, an impeccably extensive track record, & a deep love for developing others, Adam founded the world’s leading financial coaching company–Elite Hathaway. This one-of-a-kind premiere financial coaching company is dedicated to teach students across the world Adam’s strategic implementation methods that made him one of the most well-respected industry icons.





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